Government Can Work for You

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Government provides various services to people. While a few may grumble, it often happens that government assistance solves a problem. The difficulty arises when the average citizen does not quite know how to work with a public agency. There are forms to be filled out, evidence to be provided, statements to be filed, and all other sorts of paperwork. It could be a mountain of forms and very confusing. Group legal plans do not always address the need to work with government. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services, however, recognizes the importance of folks getting the right type of help.

Rules Can Make Things Difficult

Public agencies have rules and regulations which they must follow. This is in addition to legislation that specifically tells what is to be done, what deadlines must be met, and the consequences of not doing an adequate job of filing. It is where many people run into problems. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to provide the best possible help. We included as one of our group legal plan options assistance dealing with government agencies.

Our pre-paid legal services are provided by seasoned attorneys. These professionals work with public agencies all the time and are familiar with the process of getting paperwork forwarded. Our lawyers wear two separate hats in providing pre-paid legal services:

1. Guides. Countrywide lawyers help navigate the water. They can help a plan member through the maze of cubicles and know shortcuts, perfectly legal, a person may take to reach objectives.

  1. Interpreters. Many times, the language of the applications and the directions frustrate people. The words are not commonly used and can be misread. Countrywide attorneys are familiar with legal phrases and the meaning behind the various clauses. They can explain what is expected.

Getting Help Dealing with Government Agencies

It is always easy to get a hold of the Countrywide attorney. Our nationwide network means there is one in the neighborhood and face-to-face meetings are easy to set up. An unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject are permitted, so a group legal plan member can find a further explanation to clarify a point. Countrywide can help in communication with the public agency. Our attorneys can make telephone calls and write letters as part of the pre-paid legal services. This helps expedite all the activity that leads to government assistance.

We can clear up a lot of confusion and reduce an enormous amount of anxiety. It is true that people have trouble dealing with public agencies because they are worried about red tape. Countrywide lawyers have the experience needed to diplomatically cut through the obstacles and get the type of public support needed.

There is no shouting or threatening language; professional behavior and expertise is the language used. We are proud of the fact that we have assisted so many people as they deal with the applications and requirements that a government agency wants to have.

Organizations Will Benefit

Decision-makers are looking for a return on investment. They want their organization to provide a benefit that all employees can enjoy. Countrywide wants this, too. We ask our clients to design the type of group legal plan they would like to have. We encourage employers to choose the benefit options they want in the final program. Countrywide will administer those options to the satisfaction of the client and the workforce.
Employees would like to have benefits that meet everyday problems. It’s always frustrating to deal with bureaucrats, and getting some support is appreciated. Countrywide goes the extra mile to help any group legal plan member in dealings with public agencies. We do the same thing for all the benefits that we provide. We hope that decision-makers will be curious enough about what we offer to contact us. We want to be able to explain all our options, and how these will make life better for those hard-working employees.