House Buying Need Not Be Stressful

stockfresh_1345661_happy-family-near-new-house_sizeS-300x200It is easy to be anxious about big purchases. These can require loans that take years to pay off. Buying a house is an enormous six-figure commitment with potentially harsh consequences. Real estate is not for the faint of heart or for the uninformed.

It Is a Major Adjustment

House ownership is a significant middle-class status symbol. It tells the community a person is successful enough to afford a mortgage. That mortgage, however, could be a grenade waiting to explode.

A problem that surfaced in the Great Recession of 2008 was the mortgage ignorance of many people. Folks didn’t know the dangers of balloon mortgages or other debt instruments. Their financial wellness consequently suffered.

Real estate financing is not the only ministry. Many consumers don’t know who the actors are in a house purchase. FHA loans appear complicated and there are stacks of bewildering paperwork to complete. Then, there is the need to budget to meet monthly mortgage payments. People get nervous about all of this.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands how people overreact when their financial wellness is threatened. We have a benefit plan that helps employees handle every day financial  issues. Home buying is a major topic for us.

“Make Your Move” Educates People

Countrywide has a self-study program that makes house buying easier to understand. “Make Your Move” covers real estate issues that challenge the first-time house buyer. Mortgages are explained, the role of real estate agents examined, and the importance of the paperwork explained. Financial wellness plan members learn more about real estate than they ever knew before. The Countrywide service doesn’t stop there.

Budgets Anchor Financial Wellness

Countrywide’s network of certified counselors provides a wealth of financial advice and guidance. Our experts will help plan members afford a new home.

A counselor will examine a person’s budget to discover how to release money for mortgage payments. Suggestions and how to pay credit cards and achieve savings on other expenses are provided as the counselor does the budget analysis. If a plan member is having trouble getting money for a down payment, the counselor will do an asset inventory to discover what assets can be sold to afford a sizable down payment.

Expect Emotional Intelligence

Countrywide counselors have worked with stressed-out clients in the past. They can appreciate that first-time homebuyers are full of anxiety about affording the home of their dreams. Anyone who works with a Countrywide counselor can expect to be treated with courtesy and respect. We will listen to anyone’s concerns and come up with workable solutions. We want a plan member to be able to buy that house. We will do everything necessary to make their hopes become a reality.

We Work with the Client

Smart employers know it is in their best interest to help employees achieve their goals. Financial wellness covers many bases and not everyone makes use of the services. We want to see to it that all the employees use the Countrywide plan. We ask clients to help us design it.

We will ask employers to review our benefit options. We explain those options with which they are interested in. The employers will then select what services will be part of the final plan document. These will be included in the financial wellness plan. We guarantee an efficient service that meets the needs of a plan member and we provide prompt delivery of assistance. No one is going to be asked to wait.

Homeownership is a tremendous morale booster for any employee. Employers who offer guidance in buying a house are appreciated and employees are more loyal because of the consideration shown to them. Countrywide would like to help employers provide better benefits for their workers. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to find out how we can help.