Keeping It All Simple A Will Need Not Be Difficult

lastwilltestament-300x200Everyone wants to have things simple and uncomplicated. The idea of paying hefty fees to professionals does not make sense if you can do it yourself. That same notion will tempt folks to make risky decisions that can cause serious trouble later. You do not want to try writing a will without the help of a lawyer.

 It is not a DIY Project

The last will tells what you wish to have done with those investments, properties, and personal possessions your hard work and sacrifice permitted you to have once you are gone. It seems easy enough to write down your wishes on a piece of paper. It is not, and anyone who understands probate law appreciates the hurricane that might begin within days of the funeral.

The handmade will, and even one that has been constructed using Internet-based templates, can be quickly contested. Individual states have their laws governing the last will. A person can accidentally forget to include specific language in that all-important will. That can be sufficient to generate a dispute. Those who try to draft a will without an attorney’s assistance will bequeath to loved ones a mess that can take years to correct. If that happens, the only ones who really benefit will be the lawyers. There is a better way.

Group legal plans contain the writing of wills as a benefit option. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers professional help with the drafting of simple wills.

Professional Assistance in Creating the Document

Countrywide makes the expertise of professionals available to group legal plan members. We use a nationwide network of attorneys who will provide pre-paid legal services, including simple wills. A simple will is precisely what the title suggests. It is a document of no more than six pages; that is enough for most people. The content is the essential item and not the size.

The probate court insists an estate be well managed. Efficiency requires a competent executor to be appointed to handle administration and distribution. The Countrywide attorney will go over that with the plan member. The question of beneficiaries will come up, and our attorneys give detailed answers to group legal plan members. The lawyer might need additional information to complete the document. That is never a problem. Countrywide permits attorneys to make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of group legal plan members. Gathering data is made more straightforward that way.

Time passes by, and many things changes, including simple wills. Beneficiaries may die, and the will needs to be altered to cover such events. There is no guarantee that an Internet template will remind anyone about substantial revisions. Countrywide sends out annual reminders to those plan members who used our pre-paid legal services. Updating the will is not a challenge.

The Client Has the Final Say.

Countrywide has crafted group legal plan benefits since 1987. We perform services for many organizations, and we know employers have unique workforces. One size benefit plan does not fit all. We will ask prospective clients to look at all our benefits options and choose what will be in their plan. We include those selections in the final plan document, and we provide the administration and member services.

Clients can expect their employees will be treated with respect and courtesy. Countrywide lawyers are great listeners and will patiently answer any questions. We practice emotional intelligence in all our dealings with plan members. Countrywide is here to provide the absolute best member service to all our plan members, regardless of the job title.

Simple wills are an essential part of any financial planning and are one of our most popular pre-paid legal services benefits. If you would like to hear more about us, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome any opportunity to be of service.