Learning How to Budget – An Essential Skill for Adult Living



Money does matter. It is central to any independent living and younger employees find that out in a hurry. These employees might not have a good idea of how to handle cash. They are receiving their first sizable paychecks and are uncertain what to do.

It could happen that a person does not know where the money is going and ends up at the end of the month using a credit card to get by. That can cause a problem because credit cards charge double-digit interest. It helps to understand budgeting when it comes to financial wellness. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services recognizes that, and our certified counselors are experts in personal budgeting.

Starting the Learning

A conference with one of our counselors is well worth the effort for any plan member. The counselor will go over a person’s income and expenses, seeing where the money is going and how it can be directed. Younger employees are not the only ones concerned with education expenses. Older employees may have children who are about to head to college and these senior workers may not be too familiar with saving money for college. Reallocating paycheck money will assist in saving money for tuition.

Other expenses that are related to age, such as medical bills, can be fit nicely into a budget that covers all the costs and allows for some extra money. Our certified financial wellness counselors can guide the way.

 Preparing For that Big Purchase

It also is possible that people may want to have some assistance budgeting for major purchases. It is something that our customers can do without any problem. Budget analysis is a service that supports much of what we do. In fact, we start out with the budget and then branch out into student loan assistance or help with medical debt. It is a good experience for anyone who is not familiar with setting up a personal budget.

Buying a house is perhaps the largest financial expense that an employee will make in his or her life. Our counselors can point out the various ways in which a mortgage loan can be affordable and what types of financing a plan member should avoid. We have an educational program, “Make Your Move”, that gives an in-depth study of how to buy a house. Financial wellness plan members will benefit from the information this program provides.

We hope decision makers provide a financial wellness plan for their employees that meets everyone’s needs. The worst thing that could happen is to have a benefit from which very few people achieve any value. To better maximize the use of our benefit, Countrywide permits clients to select what options will be part of their unique program. That way, the final plan better reflects the demographics of the employer.

Our Service Is the Best!

Countrywide will make certain that the service provided for any benefit option is the best. We expect our counselors to have a high emotional intelligence level and give priority to all our plan members. Any counselor who refuses to do that is not welcome with Countrywide.

Our financial wellness program can help correct serious problems but there is a benefit for employers. The assistance from certified counselors relieves anxiety over money. Employees no longer feel the pressure that certain bills create and have a better control over their money. They appreciate this type of benefit and are glad their employers assist.

Countrywide has something that everyone in the organization can use. If you have any questions about our financial wellness program, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience. We want to be able to explain better everything we have to help you.