Spare Them The Pain – Living Wills Take the Burden Away

o-POWER-OF-ATTORNEY-facebook-300x200Anyone who has watched a loved one die knows how painful it can be. A medical emergency or accident causes a person to be in the hospital on life-support. The doctor tells the family nothing more can be done, and a decision is needed. Who is going to make it? What type of guilt, confusion, and anxiety will wash over the patient’s family? Group legal plans are offering a worthwhile service if they can make the decision easier. It is what Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services tries to do.

We have group legal plan options which include living wills and medical powers of attorney. A living will is a straightforward document. Essentially, the living will contains instructions a person provides for medical staff and family. The living will documents what treatments are not desired and when to turn off life support.

Healthcare providers appreciate this pre-paid legal services option. It lifts the threat of liability off their shoulders.

Medical powers of attorney creates a decision maker. A Countrywide group legal plan member designates a trusted person to make necessary medical choices. He is the individual who makes the decisions when to turn off life-support. Family members are spared the pain of making the choices.

Removing anxiety is an essential quality of this pre-paid legal services option. A medical emergency is stressful enough without adding life or death decisions. The Countrywide national network of attorneys is here to draft the documents. Employers might not know anything about living wills or medical powers of attorney. Our lawyers will explain both. These legal professionals will answer all questions in a face-to-face meeting. They also answer questions which may come up afterwards.

Our Attorneys Have High Emotional Intelligence

A plan member knows these documents are important. It still may be difficult to make the decisions. Our lawyers understand that. They will be patient with plan members and explain everything. Countrywide wants the pre-paid legal services to be provided with empathy. Everyone is treated with courtesy and respect.

Empathy is an expected quality of our services and some of the other services we provide will add support to the living will benefit. For example, a Countrywide attorney could write letters on behalf of the client and make telephone calls as well, if necessary. A group legal plan member can ask many questions on a given topic because we allow an unlimited number of such inquiries.

Employers Will Select the Options

Our other benefit options can be used as well, depending on the organizations plan. If necessary, employers will decide what options are part of the group legal plan. Drafted living wills may be included while consumer protection advice might be ignored. What matters most is that the plan fits the needs of the workforce. The pre-paid legal services must be used, and the selection insures it. Countrywide’s administration will deliver the services efficiently and quickly. Every plan member receives priority treatment and will not wait too long. Such quality service is part of our commitment to clients.

Living wills or powers of attorney are ordinarily used in terminal cases. The patient is not going to recover and stays alive because of medical technology. Nobody should live in a state of limbo and Nature must run its course. The living will, and medical powers of attorney ease the transition for everyone involved. Emotions can settle. A plan member leaves in peace knowing the loved ones are at peace.

All our pre-paid legal services are meant to help employees. Solutions to every day legal problems are found with a Countrywide lawyer. We encourage decision-makers to contact us about our benefits program. We firmly believe we offer the kind of benefit every employee will use.