Maintain Financial Wellness with the Right Tools – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Has Them For Your Use


People want to have control over their financial wellness. Every ownership creates a sense of optimism and well-being that positively affects behavior. It is sad, but there are many who are so confused about their finances that they feel trapped in a downward spiral.

These individuals make a decent income. Their challenge is not having a budget to monitor cash flow. Medical emergencies can become crises and credit card debt may run out of control. Millennials have the added burden of excessive college debt. Some form of support would be deeply appreciated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows how the right assistance can resolve problems. We have a Financial Wellness Plan that organizations can offer to employees. Our benefit has very important tools to improve financial health.

Data Collection and Organization

Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors. These professionals are the front-line Countrywide service providers. They will work directly with plan members.

Budgets are not easy to create and people either make these guidelines too tight or do not use a budget at all. Our counselors will help a plan member design a workable budget. This financial tool not only details how expenses will be paid, but also assigns cash for savings and incidentals. It is a working plan that folks can be comfortable using.

Saving for major purchases requires knowing the financial resources that can be tapped for needed money. Our counselors will do an asset inventory at the plan member’s request. Stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, and anything that can be looked at for needed funds will be part of the final report. A person has a better idea of what is available for liquidation.


Most financial stress is caused by the unknown. Consumers will hesitate to buy a house because they don’t know anything about real estate. Our self-study course, “Make your Move”, educates a plan member about how to navigate the housing waters. All the terms are defined, the main characters are identified, and all the mortgage options are explained. A better house purchase is the result.

Employers can take advantage of the growing popularity of financial wellness benefits. The Countrywide plan gives an organization a wonderful opportunity to offer employees a valuable tool for keeping their financial wellness in shape. We ask the client to let us know what benefit options are part of the plan. This generates a final program that can be used by more employees, generating a deeper appreciation of what the employer is doing to assist workers.

Empathy is Part of Our Financial Wellness Plan

Fiscal matters are very personal and trouble with money could be embarrassing for some people. Countrywide knows that it is not easy to admit credit cards have gotten out of control. Our counselors are selected for their ability to communicate with people in addition to their expertise in financial matters.

Any Countrywide plan member should know that their questions and concerns are taken seriously by everyone at Countrywide. This of course includes our counselors. Those people can listen and sympathize with a plan member. Counselors look for solutions and not an opportunity to lecture anyone.  Millennials and older employees will be given the same level of respect and time. We insist on this.

Employees like getting the right kind of help. Our Financial Wellness Plan gives hard-working people the chance to put their financial house in order.

Overall anxiety about bills and invoices begin to fade away as a Countrywide counselor offers solutions and a path to orderly finances.

You may have some questions regarding all our services. We would like to have a chance to explain our benefits to you. We think that you will be pleased with what we can do for your employees. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.