Managing the Deductible Is Important for Financial Wellness

The Bills Are Controllable


Folks need to understand deductibles will renew annually. For example, let us suppose that a person has a deductible of $5000 and a medical procedure consisting of a surgery and physical therapy each costing $5000. Let us also suppose that the surgery is performed in 2017 and the physical therapy is scheduled for 2018. Even though the patient has paid $5000 in 2017, this person will need to pay an additional $5000 out of pocket BEFORE the insurance pay anything. It is because meeting the deductible starts all over again with the new year. This scenario is not fiction; it happens all the time. People run into serious deductible debt when medical procedures span more than one year.

The bills can mount up and the providers expect to be paid. Failure to meet the obligations can result in collection agencies knocking on the door. Employers should help their staff with medical bills. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness plan that provides needed assistance.

Our Professionals Will Help

Certified counselors administer the primary services. Countrywide has a nationwide network of professionals who assist plan members. Countrywide has representatives nearby so that having a face-to-face consultation is easy. Deductible debt can be depressing because it is often quite large. The Countrywide counselor does a budget analysis to determine what money is available, or can be made available, to meet the payment requirements. It often takes only a few adjustments to raise the required amounts from existing funds.

Here is a little secret about medical bills most people don’t know: healthcare providers want to work with the patient. These institutions realize that medical bills can get out of hand, and hospitals are willing to agree to reasonable payments. A certified counselor can point out this to the plan member, explain how to go about setting up the payment schedule. It will mean that the bill is paid over an extended period but that is better than trying to pay everything upfront. Employees breathe a sigh of relief when they find out from the financial wellness plan how simple it can be to pay off those deductible bills.

Employers Can Choose the Options

Employers know business trends and they realize financial wellness is something that more and more employees want to have. It is a benefit which meets very pressing personal needs. Getting the full value of any employee benefit is making certain that all employees are going to receive assistance or relief. Countrywide has financial benefits that meet what an employee must have. We understand that organizations want the best return on investment. Therefore, we advocate choice. Employers may look at all our various options and decide which ones will be part of the plan.

We administer the selected financial wellness benefits with superior quality. We see to it that plan members get priority when it comes to arranging meetings. We also expect our counselors to be problem solvers and not just give lectures. All plan members are made to feel important and do not have to wait for what they need.

Workers Appreciate Medical Bills Assistance

It would be nice if medical expenses were cheaper but that is not the case. This is going to hold true in 2018 and for the years to come. Employers may have to raise deductibles, exposing a person to greater costs. Everything is made a little bit easier with a financial wellness plan. It lets employees know that even though medical costs may increase, the employer is offering the means to meet the price.
We think decision-makers should look at the Countrywide financial wellness benefit. We invite inquiries and welcome the opportunity to tell more about our options. Please do feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to find out more about the Countrywide advantage.