Legal documents make for tough reading. The sentence structures are intended to define what is required by law or what is expected of other parties; none of it is meant to entertain. It can be a headache trying to understand the simplest paragraphs. Not all group legal plans address this problem, but Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does. One of our group legal plan options is the review of contracts and other legal documents.

Some of These Document Reviews Are Ordinary

Legal documents are not just for major occasions. Some of them are used in ordinary transactions and people don’t always realize that. For example, the lease you sign for an apartment is a legal document. It has certain requirements and what the consequences are if the lease is not respected. Even though it is purchased as a product, a warranty is a legal document. A consumer must be careful when it comes to legal documents, because the terms are binding. It is always a good idea to have an attorney review one.

The Countrywide lawyers will do that as a pre-paid legal services benefit. We have a nationwide network of highly professional attorneys who will look at the legal documents a plan member wants to have reviewed. It is always a good idea to request this review prior to signing it and schedule an appointment with a Countrywide attorney. The lawyer checks the language and notes the obligation requirements for all parties involved. Experience with all types of contracts enables the Countrywide professional to point out various problems and warn of any written dangers. Continue reading


Millennials know better than anyone the anguish caused by college loan debt. It takes away from the happiness that surrounds graduation. A recent graduate within six months faces payments on a loan obligation that can be five or six figures. The hit to financial wellness can be demoralizing.

There is no question Millennials are highly intelligent. They are some of the most technically savvy people in the workforce. Unfortunately, no one spends a lot of time teaching them how to budget and deal with debt. The size of the payments can cause a young employee to make some very bad decisions. Forbearance can be a trap, but what is worse is if the new graduate decides to default on the loan. That can have long-term negative consequences and ruin an individual’s credit rating. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the kind of employee benefits people can use to solve major problems. Our financial wellness program is available to assist an employee.

Where There Is a Plan There Is a Way

Countrywide will use a nationwide network of certified counselors to help plan members caught in financial quicksand. A Millennial needs to know what his or her options are in paying back the college debt. Our counselors can show a plan of action which allows an individual to pay the college bill and meet other expenses at the same time. Continue reading


Financial wellness weighs on a person’s mind. Whether funding a house is affordable or how to best meet unexpected bills is going to haunt person’s thoughts. It helps to have some assistance from a group of professionals. Those veterans can point out how to manage finances better and meet costs without panic. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services makes use of certified counselors to help plan members deal with finances. Providing good advice does mean gathering information. Our counselors use the right tools to examine a plan member’s financial situation.

Starting with the Basics of Financial Wellness

The primary source of information for the Countrywide counselor is a budget analysis. Our professionals will sit down with a plan member and look at income and expenses. This can be a meeting of discovery for those who do not have a formal budget to follow. They not only discover where their money is going, but also exactly how much money is coming in to meet the bills.

This information permits counselors to develop a realistic budget with the plan member. Issues of financial wellness such as how to afford credit card payments, college loan debt, and even unexpected medical bills are better managed with a set budget. It permits a plan member to meet expenses without having to make drastic decisions. The budget has a way of calming down nerves and helping a person relax when dealing with financial matters. Continue reading


Catastrophe occurs in seconds. It might be an industrial accident, a traffic mishap, or a cardiac arrest which sends a person into the dark. An unresponsive patient may still be alive and on life support in a state of near death that can last for months or even years. It is important for group legal plans to provide a means to prevent a tragedy. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit option that helps avoid indecision.

The Importance of the Living Will and Medical Powers of Attorney

Our group legal plan can offer a living will and medical powers of attorney as well. Both will alleviate the medical limbo a life support circumstance may cause. The living will includes instructions on what procedures to use in the event of a plan member becoming comatose. The living will also might specify those actions which are not to be used and when life support must end.

Medical powers of attorney will go a step further. Some decisions go beyond what a living will specifies. This pre-paid legal services option permits a plan member to appoint someone who will make necessary decisions on behalf of the patient. Directing that the life support system be turned off is the toughest decision, without a doubt. Medical powers of attorney take that away from family members and gives it to the appointed decision-maker. It spares the loved ones all the anguish of requesting what they know will be the end of a dear one’s life. Continue reading


Debt is something every consumer deals with every day. We rarely carry cash and plastic cards are a preferred means of payment. Few people care about the interest rates charged and most pay the minimum required each month. Everything can go south when a major crisis arrives and threatens financial wellness.

We Help Decision Making

Planning for an emergency is hard. Medical bills can happen due to an accident. College graduates forget about the grace period and are stunned by the college loan bill when it arrives. The shock of financial obligations will lead to hasty decisions. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services want to help people avoid decisions like declaring bankruptcy. Our financial wellness plan offers significant assistance.

The first step on the road back to fiscal stability is a budget analysis. A plan member must know the full picture of income and expenses. Our nationwide network of certified counselors will walk people through a budget analysis. Many are honestly surprised with what the review uncovers. Continue reading



People want to have group legal plan benefits. There are many situations where legal counsel can make a serious difference and access to the service is appreciated. Nevertheless, quality is critical. Too many vendors promote their plans that offer very little convenience or substance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services helps with high standards of quality.

Standards for Group Legal Plans

A good legal benefit has three main components:

  1. Excellent Legal Counsel. Attorneys who have experience and are known for high-quality advice.
  2. Benefit Options That Complement Each Other. These are not stand-alone services, but ones used with other pre-paid legal services options in the plan.
  3. People-Centered Administration. No one is forced to wait long periods and service providers have high emotional intelligence levels.

Continue reading


Elections are just around the corner and candidates are busy campaigning. No matter what the major issues are, how public agencies are serving people is a major concern. Many citizens are frustrated with the attention they are receiving. There always seems to be delays and hard to understand applications. People get angry and complain about poor service. Group legal plans can help with public agencies as a way of cooling down the situation. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan option to help people get required services from the government.

The Process Can Be Complicated

Bureaucracy follows a given set of rules with no exceptions. People will not complete an application properly and be required to start over. Submitting the wrong information will halt the process immediately. Folks will even go to the wrong office. It helps to have someone who can cut through all this red tape. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does that.

A nationwide network of attorneys assists group legal plan members. The lawyers practice in the community and know how all levels of government operate. A conference with a Countrywide attorney can map out a plan of action. One of our pre-paid legal services is the ability to communicate on behalf of a plan member. The lawyer can write letters or make telephone calls for the plan member. It helps clarify the process, so no mistakes happen. Pre-paid legal services include an unlimited number of telephone calls to the Countrywide attorney. All questions are quickly answered. Continue reading


The standard medical deductible has slowly risen over time. It is understandable because organizations want to keep their medical costs under control. Younger employees might not notice this. They are healthy and do not use the group health insurance that often. Older employees do, and their medical bills can consequently threaten financial well-being.

It Comes with Age

A person’s body is more vulnerable as that person gets older. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and age-related diseases will require increasingly more medical attention.

Dental bills can also pinch a wallet. Crowns and partial plates can cost thousands of dollars and insurance won’t pay all the bills; the individual is responsible for the deductible. A middle-aged employee might face sizable medical debt caused by high deductibles. He or she needs help and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can assist. We offer a financial wellness plan that makes a difference. Continue reading


Few people can be accused of spendthrift habits. Most do the best they can to economize and keep expenses down. A sudden shock can disrupt financial wellness. A mountain of debt can, without warning, spring up.

Debt Rises from Various Places

College graduates know how this happens. The grace period on their college debt ends and they confront five and six-figure loan debts. A medical emergency may require paying off a high deductible. Other sudden expenses could max out a credit card. None of this is caused by irresponsible spending but financial wellness is threatened.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services recognizes the anxiety and frustration these people experience. We have offered employee benefits to organizations for over 30 years and we want to solve their problems. The Countrywide financial wellness plan is designed to assist people in handling their debt mountain. Continue reading


Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has every reason to be proud of its attorneys. These folks combine excellent emotional intelligence expert and legal knowledge to deliver superior service. However, there is a limit to what they can do.

The legal profession has become increasingly more specialized. Intellectual property, cyber-security, and immigration law are becoming more nuanced. The same can be said for adoption law and property disputes. Our lawyers may not have the legal skills to address complicated issues in the far corners of the law. Attorneys with special skills are needed and group legal plans do not always have them.

Countrywide believes that serving a plan member is job one. If the existing pre-paid legal services can’t solve the problem, Countrywide will recommend a referral and make the needed contact. Group legal plan members like this, but they worry about the cost. Lawyers with a unique skill set will charge higher rates per hour. Continue reading