Legal documents are written records.They will express compensation in a contract, guarantee the service of a warranty, and the obligations of a lease. There should be no confusion but sometimes there are problems. The best group legal plans will help people interpret the language.

The terms and definitions can confuse a reader. The language is dry and requires definition for understanding. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services would like to assist people. We have a group legal plan benefit covering document review.

A nationwide network of lawyers provides our legal services. They can review even the most obscure legal papers. The attorneys respond to all questions and offer expert advice. Should a group legal plan member forget to ask a question that is a problem. We allow an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given matter. The plan member can easily get answers that he or she requires. Continue reading


Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is proud of its reputation. We have administered legal plans for over 30 years and our clients are very satisfied with what we do for them. The secret to our success is the type of service we offer. It is the best in the industry and that is not just our pre-paid legal services options, either.

The Secondary Services Are Important.

Plan members like having simple wills drafted and foreign-born employees appreciate our help with public agencies. The assistance is not impersonal. Countrywide does more than use webpage Q&As to help people. We make use of a network of highly qualified professionals and each one is available for a conference. We know that not all questions might be answered in the one on one meetings. A group legal plan member may make as many follow-up telephone calls to the attorney as necessary on a given question. Continue reading


Watching a dream slip by is frustrating. Employees who want to buy a house are concerned they will never get the chance. They are well-paid but believe their existing debt holds them back. Also, house buying appears to be very complicated. Frustration makes a person unhappy and can spill over into daily work. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will help with this problem.

Affording a Home

The house is the largest purchase most people ever make. The Countrywide financial wellness program can make it happen. Our certified counselors help plan members afford the expense. These professionals will perform a budget analysis and suggest ways of making personal capital available (i.e. paying the required minimum on a few credit cards.)

The budget analysis will uncover opportunities to handle debt obligations better. People who are dealing with a medical emergency will face sizable medical bills. Countrywide will show how the payments can be negotiated and the monthly payments reduced. We have already mentioned credit cards, and these can be controlled with a better payment strategy. Millennials saddled with college debt may not know of ways to modify payments; our counselors show them how. After a few one on one sessions, a financial wellness plan member discovers there is money to buy a house and pay the mortgage. Continue reading


We are only a few weeks away from the start of the new academic year. Students are looking forward to returning to campus and alumni remember those college days fondly. Unfortunately, not all new alumni are remembering the good old days. These people are facing the end of the grace period on their college loans They are soon going to be asked to start paying sizable monthly bills.

College tuition has rocketed into the financial stratosphere. Many alumni are facing burdens well into the six figures. They need help in trying to take this burden off their shoulders and not every financial wellness vendor can do that. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a comprehensive program that can help a person see light at the end of the tunnel. Continue reading


Death and taxes are the only things you can be sure of in this life. Employees will sometimes ignore the possibility of death and forget about writing a will. We admit dying is a morbid subject, but it cannot be ignored. Your family’s security depends on a will.

Group legal plans will promote right simple wills and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is no exception. Drafting a simple will is one of our group legal plan options and a very popular one. Continue reading


Government bureaucracy can be a world of confusion. People dealing with the government spend a lot of time filling out forms and applications. Failure to properly fill in the blanks or provide information can send the process back to square one. Group legal plans should offer help with government agencies but not all do. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services, however, will help plan members deal with government Continue reading


Few people like budgets. These are financial boundaries that can restrict a good time. It is easier, and more fun, to not worry about personal finances. This carefree attitude is why so many get in financial trouble.

Emergencies Will Cause Problems

Many employees live from paycheck to paycheck. This works well until a medical emergency or large expense hits the checkbook. Credit card debt is serious and using plastic gets people in financial trouble. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness program to assist in designing budgets.

Many have no experience in developing a budget. Recent college graduates might be too strict and leave little flexibility in their personal budgets. A growing problem is ignoring college loan debt entirely. That can end up with a bankruptcy filing or overuse of forbearance. We can fix these money hassles. Continue reading


Employees appreciate group health insurance. It is a benefit the entire family will use and allows a person to absorb the shock of large medical bills. Health insurance is so important that the quality of a plan determines whether a person accepts a job offer. This is a great benefit but there is a problem.

Medical Costs Will Balloon

Medical premiums are large and growing larger. Some employers discover that they must decide it offering a health insurance plan is financially feasible. These organizations will attempt to keep costs under control by increasing the deductible. It means that deductibles of anywhere from $5000-$10,000 are not out of the question. Plan members are required to cover the deductibles before the insurance policy assumes cost. What this can mean is an ordinary person forced to accept a bill of thousands of dollars. This kind of expense can be a major hit to anybody’s wallet, and drive a person’s anxiety skyward. Those who are part of a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services financial wellness plan do not have to worry so much. We help people better manage medical debt. Continue reading


Summer holidays have special sales and retailers will sweeten the deal by offering warranties. The opportunity is almost irresistible. The consumer pays for a guarantee of repair service that reduces future costs. Or, so that person hopes. No one expects warranty fraud, but it happens.

There are Unethical People

The merchant might not deliver the signed copy to the buyer. This unethical business professional also might refuse to use parts specified in the warranty document. An auto warranty is a masterpiece of fine print. The devil can be in almost illegible small print. The consumer gets cheated and loses money. Not all group legal plans offer consumer protection help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has this as one of the group legal plan benefit options.

We Help with Consumer Protection

Countrywide has a comprehensive pre-paid legal services plan whose options will complement each other. Depending on the plan, our attorneys will review a warranty. These legal experts will point out problems and explain all the details. They help a group legal plan member determine if warranty fraud occurred. Continue reading


Financial planning covers a lot of ground. The objective is to help a person prepare for future expenses and purchases. The core of sensible planning is information: facts and figures regarding a person’s financial wellness. Not everyone knows how to do that and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help. We offer a benefit any organization would want to have.

Working Through a Budget

Ordinary folks often live from paycheck to paycheck. They don’t always know how to budget and rarely know their true financial worth. Countrywide will help the situation. Our nationwide network of certified counselors can shed light on a person’s finances.

A budget analysis is the primary tool used to uncover personal finance data. The Countrywide counselor will look over the income and expenses of the plan member. This financial professional will make suggestions on how to improve the overall picture. Continue reading