Preparing for the Final Curtain – A Simple Will Makes It Easier


Death will come unannounced. An individual may die while asleep or from an unexpected heart attack. While we can’t always prepare for death, we can protect our loved ones from the consequences with a simple will.

People Forget

You can’t take it with you is an old saying. It is true, but you can leave a hot mess when you exit. Dying without a will leaves your loved ones in a state of limbo. Probate court appoints an administrator who reports directly to the bench. There is no executor of the will and the estate settlement will drag on for months or even years.

People forget to write wills and families pay for such negligence. There are bills to be paid such as tuition and badly needed money from an estate is not available. Moreover, there can be bitter squabbles over the estate that result in long-term family feuds. Group legal plans will draft simple wills for plan members. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will prepare those final documents as a benefit option.

Simple Wills Cover All Bases

A simple will is not a lengthy treatise. These documents are six pages or less. That is enough for most people. Our group legal plan benefit uses a network of attorneys to prepare simple wills. They are seasoned legal professionals who know what they are doing.

A meeting with a Countrywide attorney is easy to arrange. Our lawyers practice law in the community and a Countrywide group legal plan member gets priority treatment.

Every will needs an executor and a Countrywide attorney will point that out. Suggestions about what to look for in an executor helps the plan member make a good choice. Any will must comply with the law. Our attorneys see that this happens. Dividing up an estate is not always easy and there may be some questions about what to do. Countrywide encourages the plan members to ask as many questions as they wish. We will allow an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject so that any confusion is cleared up.

Life Changes Affect Estates

A will may need amending. Beneficiaries that have died or other circumstances will require an alteration of the language. We can do these amendments as a pre-paid legal services benefit. Countrywide will send out annual reminders about amending the will to enable the individual to keep the document current.

Employers Play a Major Role

We hope our pre-paid legal services assist all plan members. We ask our clients to help us make that happen. Decision-makers in an organization will select those pre-paid legal services it would like to see in the final plan document. We will include those so that what the client wants, the client will get.

The client also receives superior member services. We have designed our group legal plan administration so that assistance is provided almost immediately, and no one must wait too long for help. Emotional intelligence is what we insist from all our attorneys. We want more than just legal expertise from those attorneys; we want people skills, as well. Any lawyer who cannot show empathy is not someone with whom we would like to deal.

It is not easy to think about death and that final curtain call. Nevertheless, a responsible person must arrange for the disbursement of an estate. Loved ones depend on a simple will that is clear and straightforward as to who receives what. A good final will prevents family feuds from developing. It also helps bring closure to what is a very traumatic time for loved ones.

If you have any questions about our group legal plan benefits, please feel free to contact us. Countrywide would like to be able to explain the advantages of our services to prospective clients. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you want and, rest assured, we will answer each one of them.