Warranties Should Be Honored – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Assists in Getting the Help


Graduation presents are not always gift cards. A smartphone, tablet, car, or another very expensive product might be the reward for getting a diploma. Smart shoppers will get a repair warranty on those big-ticket items. Unfortunately, buying the warranty doesn’t always mean you can use it.

The Murky Wording of the Warranty

Consumers will purchase warranties sight unseen. They buy the protection without understanding the details. A warranty is a contract with specific action required. Warranty language might also specify only certain repair parts may be used. Moreover, only certain repair shops can be used and the warranty is good only for a given period of time.

Retailers will take advantage of a buyer overlooking important details. They, the retailers, might not volunteer the information needed to use a warranty and the buyers are left with a worthless piece of paper. That person feels frustrated because he or she spent money for nothing.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates a buyer’s anger. Other group legal plans might not help with warranties. We do. Our group legal plan benefit assists with warranties.

Lawyers to the Rescue!

Countrywide uses practicing attorneys who will give the required pre-paid legal services. These legal professionals work with consumer issues and will provide expert advice to the plan member. The lawyer will review the warranty and explain what is necessary to get the covered services. They tell a group legal plan member how to get any needed evidence or information. Countrywide allows a lawyer to write letters and telephone calls for the plan member. These communication tools enable a lawyer to contact the seller for additional information, or to remind that retailer of any seller responsibility.

Countrywide also gives consumer protection assistance. If the graduation gift turns out to be a faulty product, our attorney will help a plan member prepare a formal complaint and assist in filing that grievance with the right public agency.

Employer Participation

A Countrywide group legal plan can include document review. This will allow a plan member to have a warranty inspected BEFORE it is purchased. We say that document review can be part of the plan because we allow the employer to decide their benefits. Countrywide has various pre-paid legal services options. We explain these to the prospective clients, and they choose what they want, which might include document review. We have a streamlined administration that guarantees needed assistance is delivered on a timely basis.

Countrywide also has emotional intelligence as a quality. We insist that our lawyers be tuned in to solving problems and not giving lectures to anyone. We expect the questions will be answered politely and that the best hands-on service is granted to our plan members.

The establishment of rapport is a critical part of the Countrywide group legal plan benefits. Face-to-face meetings are consequently easy to set up and we permit an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject. It is all intended to make sure that people get the very best from Countrywide. We are pleased that so many of our clients have expressed satisfaction with what we are doing for their employees.

Warranties are not inexpensive. They can cost several hundred dollars in some cases and the buyer has every right to expect any service which was guaranteed in the warranty. Those who refuse to honor a warranty owned by a Countrywide plan member can expect pushback. We do everything in our power to be certain that our plan members are treated equitably and fairly. We are reasonable, but we will do what is necessary to help our clients.

If you have any questions about our pre-paid legal services, please feel free to contact us. We want to be able to explain what we have and how we can assist your employees. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.