Public Service Is Not Out of Reach Countrywide Gives Advice on Dealing with Bureaucracy


Government spends tax dollars on public services. There is a wide variety of government levels and the services are intended to solve problems. Regrettably, that does not always happen. People might run into an obstacle course trying to get their needs met by public agencies. Help dealing with government bureaucracies something group legal plans should do. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does assist clients when dealing with the government.

Cutting to The Chase

Government can be a maze of cubicles and getting to the right desk is often just short of amazing. The Countrywide group legal plan has a nationwide network of attorneys. These legal professionals provide many pre-paid legal services and know how to work with public agencies.

People do not always just deal with government because of problems. Often, employees are looking for services which they have a right to request. You can include health for children with educational problems, or other dependents who need help with their medical condition. People are intimidated by the government and are worried they may make mistakes. Countrywide has help available to make it easier to get what is needed.

Handling Local Issues

People deal with local agencies most of the time. Our attorneys are in the neighborhood and are familiar with the bureaucracies. They could guide a group legal plan member to the right official. Our service does not stop there. Applications for government support have tight deadlines. We assist in completing those applications and making certain the filing is done properly. Our pre-paid legal services options complement each other. Our attorney will review legal documents public agencies issue. An attorney will also write letters and make telephone calls to get information or clarify issues. Bureaucracy is not a mystery when Countrywide is involved.

Foreign employees will be major beneficiaries of the service. They are here courtesy of the H1-B program and might need help dealing with public agencies. We can provide not only guidance but also the communication necessary to work with the bureaucracy. Countrywide attorneys can do this because we allow these professionals to make telephone calls and write letters for plan members.

Our ability to communicate with public agencies reduces an employee’s anxiety.  He or she may be frightened about dealing with the government and reluctant to ask for help. Countrywide serves to support their efforts to get needed information or services from any branch of government.

We Have Benefits That Work

Website access to information is important but the best pre-paid legal services providing face-to-face meetings. Countrywide attorneys will schedule these discussions at a mutually convenient time. Plan members get excellent advice and learn a lot about government programs. Questions are encouraged but sometimes a person will remember later an important question he or she forgot to ask. That is not a problem in a Countrywide group legal plan. We permit an attorney to receive an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject. Answers will come over the telephone wire.

Employee benefits should provide services, or they are not worth the cost. The Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will assist employees getting access to public agencies and receiving what they pay tax dollars to get. The frustration people had with bureaucracies goes away with a Countrywide attorney providing support. The various regulations and applications are made easier to understand. It is no secret that plan members get government responses faster because Countrywide can navigate the waters. Employers will appreciate what we offer because they have a say in the plan design.

We permit clients to choose what legal services will be in their plan. Decision-makers can include help with public agencies, review of legal documents, and writing simple wills to create a comprehensive plan. There are other options as well. Countrywide provides some of the best service in the industry. We care about our group legal plan members. These hard-working people get courtesy and respect from all our staff.

We encourage decision-makers to contact us at their convenience. We believe we will provide valuable assistance to every one of your employees.