Relieve Millennial Money Anxiety

Financial Wellness Plans Can Help



Adjusting to the real world can be a struggle for Millennials. These people are extremely bright and tightly savvy, but finances could be bewildering. In addition to college loan debts, which are substantial, there are credit card difficulties which arise. Millennials sometimes get very frustrated with having to balance the figures. Their financial wellness sometimes gets in trouble.

A List of Worries

Coping with debt the size of a mortgage is hard for anyone. Millennials face this challenge six months after they graduate from college when the grace period is over. Their first paycheck seems to be snatched away by creditors, and they don’t have money for necessities. The trouble is an inability to budget. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is sympathetic to their needs. We have a financial wellness program to help these young people get a grip on their personal ledger sheets.

Countrywide has a network of certified financial professionals providing service. These people are easy to contact, and face-to-face meetings are easy to arrange. The level of service they offer is critical because the situation for many Millennials is desperate.

Money anxiety for some Millennials is so great they choose to ignore things entirely. It is a mistake because the bills don’t go away; they just grow larger. The Countrywide counselor understands how embarrassing the whole thing must feel. We do not preach a sermon or make anybody feel bad about themselves. We are committed to finding solutions that work.

Financial Wellness Step by Step Process

A budget analysis is the first order of business. The Countrywide counselor will look at the cash flow of a financial wellness plan member and identify income and expenses. Once that has been investigated, an overall plan is developed. The counselor looks at the expenses to make suggestions on how to best deal with them. Things such as paying off credit cards, requesting extensions on some other expenses, and paying minimum mounts elsewhere are all reviewed. The plan member is the one to decide on what to do ultimately. We advise, pointing out the pros and cons, and we do not mandate or insist on the course of action

Millennials learned a lot in college, but they didn’t get a sound education in personal finances. The Countrywide financial wellness program is a source of assistance and one of knowledge. We offer information on matters such as doing a good budget and all about buying a house. We also give suggestions on how to deal with certain types of debt. While we don’t give anyone a diploma, a person finds out more about how to handle finances than any place else. This helps reduce anxiety and build self-confidence in this individual. He or she is better able to deal with the cost of living.

Helping Employees Is Important

Research suggests that Millennials expect their employers to help with their financial problems. Decision-makers, however, are hesitant about giving out money and look for alternatives. The Countrywide financial wellness program is an excellent way to help young people with their finances. We have a number of benefit options that provide real support. Incidentally, all employees can benefit from what we provide.

Millennials enter the workforce with incredible skills and a great deal of knowledge. They can work at top productivity if they do not have to worry about their personal finances. Countrywide offers an opportunity for them to put their fiscal house in order. Just like the Countrywide group legal plans, our program has other benefits for other groups in the company. Decision-makers who have a concern for their employees are invited to contact us about our financial wellness program. We believe that you will like what you see, and be impressed by our dedication to superior service and efficient administration.