Restoring Health-Medical Expenses Can Be Managed


Employees appreciate group health insurance. It is a benefit the entire family will use and allows a person to absorb the shock of large medical bills. Health insurance is so important that the quality of a plan determines whether a person accepts a job offer. This is a great benefit but there is a problem.

Medical Costs Will Balloon

Medical premiums are large and growing larger. Some employers discover that they must decide it offering a health insurance plan is financially feasible. These organizations will attempt to keep costs under control by increasing the deductible. It means that deductibles of anywhere from $5000-$10,000 are not out of the question. Plan members are required to cover the deductibles before the insurance policy assumes cost. What this can mean is an ordinary person forced to accept a bill of thousands of dollars. This kind of expense can be a major hit to anybody’s wallet, and drive a person’s anxiety skyward. Those who are part of a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services financial wellness plan do not have to worry so much. We help people better manage medical debt.

Making Sense Out of a Bill

Medical debt can be a nightmare. It is no surprise that many people face with a sizable expense consider filing for bankruptcy as a consequence. Countrywide does not want to see a person be forced to make such a decision. Our financial wellness program relies on a nationwide network of certified counselors. These people are very familiar with medical debt and how to successfully manage it.

Our professionals know that most healthcare providers are willing to work with former patients. The counselor will be able to recommend a means of structuring a payment plan. They will do a budget analysis of the financial wellness plan member’s finances, determine how much money can be spent on paying the medical debt, and advise the plan member how to afford payments.

Our service is not something provided on a webpage. We understand the worry and believe personal touch is the best way to help a plan member. It is easy to set up a meeting with one of our counselors because these professionals happen to be in the local community. Our experts are known for their human touch. They understand that Countrywide expects all financial wellness plan members be treated with courtesy and understanding. Anyone that does not have good people skills does not work for us.



Complementing Health Insurance

Employers can be caught in a difficult situation because of medical costs. They must charge high deductibles for the coverage, but at the same time they do not want to see any employee in financial distress. Countrywide provides a way to deal with debt caused by a deductible. Employees can deal better with a high deductible thanks to our help. Our assistance does not stop there.

We have several benefit options to be included in a financial wellness plan. These include help dealing with college debt and buying a house. Employers are allowed to choose what options are going to be part of their own plan. We explain each option, making sure to answer all questions, and let the employer decide.

We give the kind of service required to make the benefit worthwhile. Our plan members are given priority treatment and our administration is streamlined to provide quick assistance. Our reputation in the industry is for some of the best possible service. It is our goal to help any plan member meet a financial challenge such as medical debt and rise above the emergency.

Our financial wellness plan helps people deal with medical emergency debt among other obligations. We encourage organizations to contact us about our benefits. We look forward to hearing from you in answering any questions you have. Rest assured those answers will be comprehensive and complete.