Service Matters Most!

                                                         Countrywide is Proud of the Assistance We Give


An exceptional group legal plan is defined by the service it provides. There are certain options a client should expect within the plan document, but pre-paid legal services has to go the distance. There should be an ability to communicate one-on-one, and have all questions answered. Anything less is unacceptable. It’s sad, but some of the plan vendors don’t seem to care about the service. They believe that web-based assistance is more important than direct contact. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does not subscribe to this low-quality. We know what people really want when it comes to good service.

The Personal Touch Matters

Our clients get the very best. It starts with attorneys who understand the law thoroughly. We screen candidates very carefully to make sure that we are getting high-quality legal professionals. We also look at personal skills. No Countrywide group legal plan member should feel embarrassed. The face-to-face meetings are a fundamental part of Countrywide service. We have a nationwide network of attorneys and setting up a conference with the Countrywide lawyer is not that difficult. We realize that people sometimes forget to ask questions on certain points. We allow an unlimited number of telephone calls to the Countrywide lawyer in given situations to cover this. We encourage people to develop a relationship with the attorney that produces positive results.

Communication is so essential to get the right information and to persuade others to change their minds. The Countrywide lawyer can make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member and will write letters on that person’s behalf as well. These are pre-paid legal services that many plan vendors will not carry. We do and strive to go the extra mile.

Choice Means Better Quality

Those other companies will give a boilerplate plan with no exceptions to it, and provide customer service that is substandard. Anyone who is going through legal difficulties needs more than just a frequently asked questions page on the website. There should be contact. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been in the industry for 30 years. We have worked with all kinds of employers over the years. This experience made us decide to allow for choice when it comes to designing a group legal plan.

Decision-makers are shown all the various benefit options Countrywide will provide. These executives can then make a selection that may include writing simple wills, providing consumer protection advice, or drafting medical powers of attorney. It is important to know that the client decides; we do not. Countrywide is content fulfill the wishes of organizations and provide the very best service. Our administration is simple and effective. The Countrywide lawyer is not very far from any group legal plan member. The attorneys also understand that services to our members are a top priority. We do not want anyone to be forced to wait indefinitely. The Countrywide attorneys give top priority people enrolled in our plans. It is this kind of service that encourages clients to stay with us for indefinite periods of time, often much longer than our competitors experience.

Everyone talks about the importance of good service but not every company is willing to perform it. Countrywide has a reputation based on providing the very best assistance to clients. A reference check with any of our clients will let decision makers know how committed we are to be doing the very best. We encourage executives to ask our existing clients how well we perform. We also encourage the same people to get in touch with us to find out all about our benefits. We see to it that plan members get what is needed to solve problems.