You Can Make That House Your Home

Countrywide Offers Home Buying Advice




Apartment living has its setbacks. The neighbors can be very noisy, and the landlord can be unpredictable. The rent is not always stable and can go up without warning. These are some reasons why people want to buy a house and live there. It is not out of the question even though prices seem a bit high. A good financial wellness program is going to help somebody find a house and make it home.

An obstacle for many home seekers is a glut of information on the market, most of which is useless. Folks get confused by various offers and financing programs. Incidentally, not all those programs are on the level; some have serious flaws. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can appreciate the frustration. We have a house education program within our financial wellness plan. It seeks to help people make the right decisions about the financing of a home. We have certified counselors nationwide who are there to provide service.

Learning of the Possibilities

Most first-time homebuyers know next to nothing about a real estate purchase. The only option they believe they have is a standard 30-year mortgage from a lending institution. The counselors working with Countrywide are professionals who understand the real estate market and financing. They can educate a financial wellness plan member about how to effectively buy a house. Topics which they will cover include:

  • The importance of a person’s credit rating;
  • How to apply for an FHA loan;
  • Various mortgage options including adjustable mortgages;
  • How much of the down payment is necessary;
  • Other means of financing a house.

The Education Saves Thousands of Dollars

These counselors can also suggest the proper way of shopping for that new residence. There are certain features of a house that some people overlook and that creates future expenses. Our counselors know that later repairs can be budget busters. The counselor will teach a plan member how to bargain properly. Such knowledge can result in saving thousands of dollars. Not everybody understands what to expect at the closing on the house, and the Countrywide counselors will brief a prospective buyer. The goal is to have someone learning enough about buying a house to do the search effectively, arrange the right financing that will not break a budget, and close on a house without feeling cheated. The housing education is something that employees will appreciate.

We Seek Client Input

Forward thinking organizations want to help their employees with financial wellness issues. Housing education is something that can be very appealing, but there are other benefit options that may be even more important for the workforce. Countrywide understands this. While we will point out the features of house education, we will also explain any other benefit for the client. Management can then decide what will be part of the final plan, based on the needs of the workforce. We see to it that those options are in the final plan document.


Our administration is intended to get service to plan members quickly. We have streamlined our administration to do this, and we emphasize excellent customer service. Our counselors know that a Countrywide financial wellness plan member is placed at the front of the line when it comes to service. We insist on that with every counselor as we do with lawyers qualifying for a group legal plan with us. The quality of our financial wellness benefit plus the superior attention and respect the individual has gained as high marks. We have a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, and any reference check on Countrywide produces high praise remarks.


The dream of many employees, buying a home for the family, can happen. Countrywide is here to help make that a reality. The house education is one part of our plan, and there are other options. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and ask about everything we have that makes our benefit a great one.