Taking Charge and Happy About It

Good Advice Makes All the Differencespider-pocket-189x300

We all face challenges with money no matter how old we are. Millennials have difficulty setting up budgets, but older employees fret about retirement. It ‘d be great to be able to take charge of finances and have a better cash flow going in and coming out. It sometimes takes seasoned advice to develop reliable financial wellness.

Finances can make a person feel he or she is juggling far too many balls in the air. People are accustomed to a mortgage payment on a car loan, but others have to deal with student loan payments, harsh credit card problems, and any other number of bills needing cash. It is easy to have the trees block and hide the forest. People don’t always know how to handle a budget properly. They’re not stupid; things are just too complicated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services sympathizes with this kind of confusion. We have a financial wellness program that is intended to help people take better control of their financial situation.

The Personal Touch Matters

The best financial advice, the type that makes sense, is provided personally in face-to-face consultations. Countrywide wants plan members to deal with people and not Internet websites. We have a nationwide network of certified counselors who will assist people with their financial wellness issues. The national distribution allows a plan member to set up a personal conference quickly. Our counselors are aware that the Countrywide plan member gets priority. The opportunity for a private meeting helps but some people are bit shy. There is no need to worry at all. Our counselors are recruited for their expertise and personal skills. There is nothing to be worried about because the counselor is not there to judge. This professional is there to help.

A budget analysis is the first order of business. A financial wellness plan member might not know everything about personal cash flow. The Countrywide counselor takes an objective look, determines the amount of income and expenses, and begins to construct a workable budget. It can viewed as a plan of action for financial wellness. All types of suggestions and advice are offered with the idea of making personal finances less stressful. We have to admit that sometimes the situation calls for a Debt Management Plan. It cost a little bit more, but those in severe financial straits will find it beneficial.

We Ask for Client Input

The Countrywide financial wellness program is not a boilerplate document. We want to have a benefit that is best suited for a client’s workforce. The decision-makers in the organization know more about the employees and Countrywide. Therefore, we allow clients to decide just what will be part of the plan. It made include assistance with college debt, or perhaps education on how to buy a house, or ways of handling medical bills. We operate under the belief that what the client wants is what the client will receive. We always include superior service and efficient administration as part of the deal.

A Sense of Relief and Optimism

It is a great feeling to have control over personal finances. A Countrywide plan member may enter the process feeling confused and afraid. Those anxieties go away when the Countrywide counselor helps. Indeed, a plan member starts to feel more optimistic about finances. He or she gets a path to follow, which will guarantee that debts will not become major burdens to bear. The Countrywide counselor is sensitive to needs and feelings. Such sensitivity ensures superior service.

We have several options from which to choose, and we would like to explain each one in greater detail. We ask decision-makers to get in touch with us and find out more about our benefits plan. We can provide the kind of assistance employees will sincerely appreciate.