The Value of Other Services – There is More to Having a Good Benefits Plan


Many group legal plans will emphasize the primary services which they offer. It is understandable they do this, but the quality of pre-paid legal services does not rest only with the major features. Indeed, the other services, those which are offered regardless of the selected benefit options, do a lot to enhance the value of the group legal plan. The additional benefits cannot be taken for granted.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides the kind of benefit options any organization would like to have. We go one step further by giving additional service that makes our overall benefit that much more appealing. These are offered regardless of what options a client selects for the group legal plan.

  1. Face-To-Face Conferences

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who will assist plan members. We will not rely on website pages or call centers. Instead, we make it easy to have face-to-face meetings with an attorney. Our lawyers practice in the community where an organization does its business. It is very simple to arrange for a meeting with a Countrywide attorney. That Countrywide plan members have priority treatment makes things even easier.

  1. Follow-Up Telephone Calls

Any plan member can forget to ask certain questions during that conference with the attorney. This person might hesitate to contact the lawyer, fearing that it would create an additional cost. There is no need to worry about Countrywide. We permit an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given subject.

  1. Communicating on Behalf of the Plan Member

Countrywide expects the attorneys to do a little bit extra. Our attorneys can communicate with third parties on behalf of individual. This is part of all our pre-paid legal services.

Our attorney is empowered to make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. Also, the attorney may write letters on letterhead stationery. This helps with the resolution of many problems. The communication lets the other side know that there is an attorney involved in the process. This awareness can help bring a resolution to the problem and convince those who are stubborn to be a little more reasonable in dealing with the plan member. Often, it happens that the communication alone will resolve any difficulties.

  1. Superior Emotional Intelligence

The law is a mystery to many people. They are reluctant to work with an attorney for fear of getting a lecture or made to feel stupid by someone who is an expert. Countrywide does work with some of the best attorneys, but knowledge of jurisprudence is only one quality we seek in a lawyer.

Countrywide wants this person to have empathy for a group legal plan member. We know that even a simple legal problem can be overwhelming to an ordinary person. We insist that our attorneys have great people skills. This means patience, empathy, courtesy, and respect for the Countrywide plan member. If it appears that a lawyer is not willing to show outstanding emotional intelligence, then we will not have this person as part of our network.

The Role of the Client

Countrywide works with all types of organizations. Our experience with a diverse client base convinces us that the employer knows best when it comes to employee benefits. Consequently, we ask prospective clients to choose what pre-paid benefit options will be part of their group legal plan. We know that the organizations decision-makers will make those choices which are best suited to the workforce.

One final service that we offer is a streamlined administration. It allows us to provide needed assistance as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Countrywide has a reputation for offering the very best and our attorneys are willing to do a little bit more than expected to help plan members.

You might have some questions about the Countrywide benefit. We welcome such inquiries and encourage you to contact us. Please get in touch with us at your convenience and we will tell you more about what we do to help hard-working employees.