Having medical insurance will give a sense of security against devastating medical bills, but the insured is not always out of the woods. Even though a person does have coverage for the major partstockfresh_299770_broke_sizeS of any medical expense, there are copayments and deductibles. A shoulder operation can cost a person several thousand dollars and can be a burden. Expenses can threaten the financial wellness of anyone.

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Warranties have been used for Scams

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Consumers want some security whenever they make large purchases such as automobiles. A warranty that covers parts and labor costs is something that can be very attractive. The warranty, however, is also a breeding ground for scams. The services offered by a group legal plan are critical in dealing with such matters.

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It can be Done with Proper Advice

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One of the more exciting moments in a person’s career is receiving that first full-time check. Many young people who are recent college graduates have existed on allowances and stipends. Receiving wages for two weeks of work on a full-time job represents a fair amount of money. No one can blame that recent hire for spending a little extra and perhaps using a credit card. There is some danger in that first check, and a financial wellness plan can stop a new employee from going over the edge.

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Expert Counseling is What Countrywide Offers Family sitting on beach smiling

Credit cards are certainly convenient. Going shopping is made a lot more fun, and people will spend more than they originally planned because it is so easy. The new balances don’t seem that difficult to manage, but there is an accumulation effect. Paying the minimum requirement every month is not going to reduce the overall figures that much if at all. If an emergency arises, where money has to be spent on major purchases it will add to the credit card debt. Those little pieces of plastic can threaten financial wellness. Credit debt needs to be under control.

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Legal Assistance Will Make It Happenp126-1-jpg

Small claims court is where many people go to seek resolution of various grievances. The court will render a decision which sometimes results in a monetary award for damages. That may sound good, but there is a catch to all of this. The court will not pursue the award. In other words, it is up to the individual to get the money. A group legal plan will provide needed support.

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Knowledge Ends Confusion

Owning a house is the great American dream. Even though there’s been a lot of financial turmoil, folks are still buying homes, and it remains one of the best financial investments. A difficulty that surfaces is a lack of understanding about house buying. This type of purchase is not the same as buying a dishwasher. There’s a lot of paperwork and quite a few actors involved. A sound financial wellness plan is going to help a person better understand what is required.

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Government gives assistance to the people. A commitment to constituent service is the primary goal of elected officials and the public agencies. A challenge arises with the number of agencies in a given area. It is not just federal; state and municipal entities also exist. There could be duplication of effort and a lot of paperwork. Public employees are required to follow the letter of the law regarding offering service. Many times the wording of the procedures is in legal script that is very difficult to understand. A group legal plan can provide type services necessary to expedite matters.

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Being Organized Helps

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Debt has a way of creeping up on you. It is something you perhaps do not notice in the beginning, but it could be a steady advance. Car loans, followed by a mortgage, and credit card debt on top of all that will add a lot of ballast to your financial ship. Before the boat sinks, you have to find a way to safeguard your financial wellness. Having a plan is going to be crucial.

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Legal Help is a Consumer’s Best Friend

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Consumer protection laws were not enacted without good reason. The statutes are intended to protect consumers from unethical behavior and shoddy merchandise. It is sad to admit, but there still are dishonest people in business. They take advantage of the buying public in numerous ways. Unethical merchants will rely on the small print or outright exaggerations and lies. Group legal plan services are a means of providing fraudulent behavior in the business world.

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Research from Fitch Ratings shows that close to 800stockfresh_368884_dollar-flow-in-black-hole_sizeS,000 bankruptcy filings occurred in the 2015 calendar year. The good news is that bankruptcy numbers are trending downward, but the bad news is the impact on American households. It is public policy to make sure that multiple bankruptcy filings are not part of a person’s future. To this end, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 requires credit counseling and financial management instruction. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers such counseling and education as part of the financial wellness program. Continue reading