Asset Management Helps Financial Wellness

People should know about the value of their holdings



Assets are going to change in a working career. It is not just collectibles but financial matters such as insurance, stock investments, annuities, and other important things that pertain to financial wellness. It happens too often that these gather dust. A person might not remember having an E*TRADE account or a small life insurance policy that is paid up. These are all important things to know to have a healthy financial wellness position.

Knowledge is important, and awareness is critical. Anyone who is drafting a will must realize the lawyer will require an idea of what the assets are. Lending institutions will determine if a loan will be authorized based on the assets of the individual. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows that many people are not fully aware of what their full value happens to be. We have an asset inventory management program to allow people to know what it is they own.

So, what is Asset Management?

Asset inventory management is a document which outlines all the holdings you have. This may include insurance and investments, property mortgages and bank accounts as well. The important point of this is to allow a plan member to know the full value of holdings. That person can easily arrange a meeting with one of our certified financial counselors. Countrywide has a nationwide network ready to provide all kinds of financial wellness services. As with our group legal plans, good personal skills are mandatory for all our counselors.

Knowledge is Power!

Budget counseling may be something that a person needs. The advice offered by the counselor is going to help anyone do a better job of managing their finances. Our financial wellness program does not end here.

We offer a variety of education and knowledge sharing services. We have a program to help people better understand what is necessary to buy a house. Some of our plan members may be at serious risk of bankruptcy. We have a kind of counseling that helps a person better understand their options and explore other alternatives. There is a debt management plan for those who are in dire conditions. This does cost a little bit more, but ongoing counseling is one of the benefits. All the information sharing and data gathering serves a primary purpose of sound financial wellness. The more person knows about value, what alternatives are available in various situations, and how to overcome emergencies, the better off that person is going to be. Financial emergencies are no longer a serious source of anxiety. An employee can better concentrate on goals and objectives, knowing that outside money pressures are controllable.


An Organization is Served

Employers benefit. It is becoming increasingly clear from survey data that employees, especially Millennials, want their employers to help with financial problems. Management has an opportunity to the Countrywide program to let employees know how much the organization cares about them. The awareness fosters a relationship of mutual trust that retains employees for extended periods of time. Retention of valuable staff is made easier.

Organizations’ staffs are unique mixes of people. Some companies may have a lot of young people while others have more middle-aged folk. The composition means that different needs must be met. Countrywide believes in choice. Our clients get to decide what benefits we part of the financial wellness program. Asset inventory management maybe one piece and education on housing maybe another. It is up to the client to decide. We provide the service and administration.

An asset inventory allows a person to know what he or she is worth. It helps in decisions such as buying a house or drafting a simple will. Countrywide offers other benefits employees would like to have. We encourage decision-makers to contact us at their earliest convenience. We are happy to tell more about Countrywide benefits and the quality service we provide.