Medical Powers of Attorney Grant Peace of Mind

Someone Can Make the Needed Decisions



Adults enjoy independence. Everyone wants to be in control their destiny and manage their personal life. No one wants to be under the control or guidance of another person. Unfortunately, matters happen beyond an individual’s control. There are occasions where a person is not in charge, and someone else must give the orders. A group legal plan with the ability to draft medical powers of attorney to assist in critical medical emergencies is a good one.

A medical emergency or an accident can render a person unconscious. Here she is in a senseless state where personal wishes cannot be determined. A concern is that no one knows what type of service the victim wants. Whether the person wants the life-support systems turned off is not known. Consequently, that machinery continues to work keeping a comatose patient alive even though there are no responses.
The Meaning of Medical Powers of Attorney

Medical powers of attorney are a means by which a person surrenders independence in the event he or she cannot communicate at all. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services respects the need to have an outside party give instructions. It is why we allow our attorneys to draft medical powers of attorney documents.

Countrywide has a national network of attorneys to provide pre-paid legal services. It is easy to get in touch with one and arrange a face-to-face meeting. The attorney will draft the document will also advise the group legal plan member on the importance of the paperwork. This legal professional will also recommend that only a very trusted person gets such powers. Any questions a group legal plan member have are answered and, if a future query arises, countrywide allows for an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given subject.

Medical powers of attorney permit an authorized individual to make decisions for a person no longer capable. This person can instruct doctors on whether to use certain procedures and if the life-support systems need to be turned off. These powers over life are why creating the document requires considerable thought and decision. The plan member must know precisely what he or she wants to be done because the designated person will see to it they are carried out.

It Provides Tremendous Relief

An immediate benefit is peace of mind for the family. The one designated to carry out the powers of attorney make decisions that family members hesitate on. They are relieved of responsibility thanks to the documents. The healthcare providers appreciate medical powers of attorney because they are at less risk of liability.

Drafting medical powers of attorney is one of the pre-paid legal services we offer. Organizations have specific needs for various groups within the company. Some of our benefits will help while others might not. We provide the right to choose. A prospective client can determine which benefits we the group legal plan. We will include them and provide superior service.

That great service is the foundation of countrywide. Our administration is streamlined for quick delivery of pre-paid legal services. Our attorneys are expected to have great personal skills. Empathy and understanding are qualities we insist on, and if an attorney does not have them, that person cannot work with countrywide plan members.

It might not be easy to think of someone else having the power of life or death over you, but if you have the medical powers of attorney documents, your wishes will be carried out by the responsible person. We are very concerned with details, and our attorneys will point out the nuances of such legal paperwork. Not every one of the group legal plans is going to do that but Countrywide does, and we are leaders because of that. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and find out more about our benefits.