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There are Many Options for Financing a House 



Americans still think of owning a house as a big part of the American dream. They want to be able to have the same type of shelter their parents enjoyed, but many people think that owning a home is not realistic. The price of housing is high, and folks have other debts. These all make an individual hesitate before trying to buy a house. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services firmly believes that the American dream is still there for people to enjoy. Our financial wellness program is intended to assist people in making the decision to buy a house.

Knowing All the Options

The conventional mortgage is what most people think about when it comes to home purchases. Yes, the standard 30 – year mortgage is still available, but there are some other options. Those other possibilities are not common knowledge, and learning about them is going to help in the final decision. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified housing counselors who deal with financial wellness. These professionals are part of a homebuyer education course, “Make Your Move”, that can provide the very best information about financing a house acquisition. Continue reading

Professional Counselors Know Credit Card Debtroad-to-recovery-300x300

The Christmas holiday is over and people have packed up the holiday decorations and thrown out the boxes. It is time to get on with the new year but Santa Claus left something behind. Many people use credit cards to purchase presents and for most people it is not a problem. Unfortunately, for others it can be devastating. The Christmas bills and debt balance may have gotten out of control. The financial wellness of some people is in trouble.

Being Generous Has Consequences

It is easy to get wrapped up in the spirit of giving. No one wants to look like Scrooge, and the plastic comes out quickly. Stores encourage this with special deals but the problem comes a few weeks later. Christmas is not cheap, and missing a credit card payment adds a penalty to the figures. The shock of Christmas can add to a person’s stress. There are ways to get out of credit card problems with the right advice. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services seeks to help people achieve better financial wellness balance. Continue reading

Read the Fine Print - Magnifying Glass

Society may have gone digital, but there’s still some serious paperwork. Like it or not, there are leases and other legal documents which require your attention. There are some critical reasons why a group legal plan ought to have the ability to help you read the papers. Continue reading





Banks want you to use credit cards. This is not a statement of conspiracy but a fact. Banks make a sizable profit from interest charged on credit cards. Retail stores feel the same way because they know that using credit cards encourages a person to purchase even more. We get several offers for a credit card every time we go to our mailbox. While there is nothing wrong with using credit cards per se, when it becomes a habit it can endanger financial wellness. Continue reading

Having medical insurance will give a sense of security against devastating medical bills, but the insured is not always out of the woods. Even though a person does have coverage for the major partstockfresh_299770_broke_sizeS of any medical expense, there are copayments and deductibles. A shoulder operation can cost a person several thousand dollars and can be a burden. Expenses can threaten the financial wellness of anyone.

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There Can Be More Than One Public Agency Involved

Home mortgage concept and real estate house ownership success symbol as a pencil erasing the shape of a family residence as a metaphore for paying off residential debt and financing a household.

The Internal Revenue Service is not the only public agency people deal with in the spring time. Anyone who is looking to buy, sell, or build a house is going to have to deal with bureaucracy. The bureaucratic red tape can be frustrating and very time consuming. It can be a headache unless a person has access to pre-paid legal services. Continue reading

Parents can help with College Loans small claims

Parents do not want to see their children enter the business world saddled with heavy debt, which harms financial wellness. This is why they support their children in paying tuition, even though the cost is sometimes more than the parents make in a year. The PLUS program is a means by which parents can assist their offspring. Essentially, the parent pays back the loan.

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Preparation Is Not Always Easy

Judge about to bang gavel on sounding block in the court room

Each court in the judicial system has its own unique characteristics and procedures. Small claims court is no exception and it has some very distinct features. You are ordinarily not represented in this court by an attorney and the amounts of money involved are quite small. Still, this is one of the more active courts. Most people have their time before the bench in small claims. Evidence is going to be critical and a person has to know how to prepare it. That could be a real nightmare for anyone unfamiliar with the law. This is why a group legal plan can be a very valuable benefits.

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Loan Programs Will Forgive Various Amounts of DebtStressed

The modern college graduate is faced with a staggering amount of debt. It is not out of the ordinary for a young person to have $50,000 or more in debt obligation which has to be repaid. Many students don’t understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can have some of your debt forgiven, and your financial wellness remain unharmed.

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Service Agreements and Contract can be ConfusingRead the Fine Print - Magnifying Glass

A contract is essentially an agreement in writing between two parties. This is very simple and you wonder why there are so many problems that arise It is the language within the paragraphs. The language and structure of legal sentences can be very confusing to an ordinary person.   They are not used to the words and phrases, and get confused. A contract can be something like a service agreement. Still, there is confusion a person experiences that causes a lot of  frustration. Interpreting legal documents is a group legal plan benefits that can help the ordinary individual.

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