Recognizing the Value of Paper

Medical Powers of Attorney Are Critical



Paper, paper, paper. Everything seems to have a form or a document attached to it. Many people don’t bother with certain legal papers because they’re tired of the pile. An example is medical powers of attorney. Not everybody understands the importance but good group legal plans allow for help with this document.

It is important to Have Medical Powers of Attorney

The reason is clarity. Anyone who is the victim of a major car accident or medical disaster might be in a coma. The hospital does not know what this person wants as far as treatment. This can extend to life support systems which do not automatically turn off. The hospital staff is justifiably concerned about any lawsuits and will keep patient on life support indefinitely. That can cause expenses to skyrocket as time goes on. There’s also cost that is highly personal and very emotional. A patient who is near death can linger on life support systems. This causes agony of hope for love ones who pray for America which may never come. At the same time, these people are looking over their shoulders at the possibility of mounting debt. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is very familiar with the anxiety and suffering. We have the drafting of medical powers of attorney as a group legal plan benefit.

It is a Vital Document

This is something that no one should ignore. Medical powers of attorney appoint an individual to make decisions when the patient is no longer responsive. Who holds the power also will see to it the wishes of the patient are fulfilled, including the ending of life support. The burden of a painful decision lifts off the shoulders of the family. The hospital appreciates medical powers of attorney because it gives clear guidance on what they are to do. The person who has the authority is appointed by the patient. It is someone who is trusted. The document can also specify what treatments to use and which to avoid. Again, the paper gives clarity to a very foggy area.

Pre-paid legal services are only effective if they cover more than one matter. In fact, if one benefit can be performed in conjunction with another it increases the overall return on investment. A Countrywide attorney can not only prepare the medical powers of attorney. This legal professional can also write letters on behalf of the group legal plan so that other issues connected to the medical power of attorney are addressed. Questions arise and some will hesitate to call the attorney because of an added cost. We permit an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given situation. It removes any confusion and answers questions. It is how group legal plans work if they are managed by Countrywide.

Getting a Good Return on Investment

Decision-makers naturally want to give their employees good benefits that are also cost-effective. Countrywide wants organizations to decide what benefit options will be part of their group legal plan. It allows executives to determine what are the best options for their staff. It results in the benefit being used more often, and that is the best way to guarantee a great return on investment. Decision-makers naturally want to give their employees benefits that are also cost-effective. Countrywide wants organizations to decide what pre-paid legal services options will be part of their plan. It allows executives to determine what is best for their staff.

Families must have closure. There should be a point in time when their loved one can depart, and closure can set in. Countrywide helps make this happen with our medical powers of attorney benefit.  we do have other pre-paid legal services benefits to consider. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and find out more about Countrywide, and how we help employees.