Tools of the Trade

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Financial wellness has become more than just a topic of discussion. Employees are increasingly more concerned about their personal budgets and want management to help. Financial wellness programs are benefits that can resolve problems. However, the success of any plan depends on the tools used. The wrong procedures will result in no real changes.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has worked with organizations for 30 years to develop sensible benefits for employees. Our financial wellness program has a number of benefits such as help with medical costs or dealing with college loan debt. These have good intentions, but success rests on how we provide service to the plan members. Here is how we do it.

1. Expert Counselors. We have a nationwide network of certified counselors. These are folks well-versed in budgeting and the means of getting out of financial trouble. They provide direct assistance, and the service is in one-on-one counseling. They create a rapport with the plan members that allows for solutions to be created and put into action.

2. Budget Analysis. We go over a person’s finances before we provide any advice. Our counselor looks at all the expenses against the income an individual brings in. The analysis is the basis for the next steps. The data permits the counselor to look for remedies that are consistent with the personal cash flow.

  1. Asset Inventory Management. Many people do not know what their full financial value. They may understand a bank account but not appreciate that there is employee life insurance and other tangible financial assets they possess. An asset inventory is something our counselors will perform. It gives a person an idea of how much his or her property is worth and the current value of any investments. The asset information helps a person better understand the full financial picture. It lets the plan member know if the current situation is dangerous or not.
  2. Education Programs. We provide several opportunities to help a person learn more about some essential financing.
  • Make Your Move is an education program to help a person know how to buy a home. It is not just items such as the home itself, but also ways to avoid predatory lending practices and the importance of credit history.
  • Debt Management Plan. It is not for everybody but some people have situations that are so extreme special help is needed. The debt management plan can help a person negotiate lower interest rates or payments and consolidate debt into affordable repayment plans. It cost a little bit more than the ordinary services, but ongoing counseling and customer assistance is part of the arrangement.
  • Bankruptcy Counseling Education. Anyone who is going to file for bankruptcy must go through counseling and a financial management course before the filing. We provide help with the debtor education course that will fulfill that financial education requirement. Once a plan member has successfully completed the course that person can proceed with the bankruptcy.
  1. Empathy. Those who seek help with the financial wellness are often embarrassed. They don’t want to feel that they are extravagant or irresponsible. None of them want a lecture or a sermon. Countrywide is very sensitive to plan member’s feelings. We screen our counselors based on their personal skills as well as their financial expertise. It is made clear from the start we expect countrywide financial wellness plan members to be treated with courtesy and respect. Any counselor who will not do that will no longer work with us.

Providing excellent service is how group legal plans work and the Countrywide financial program does the same. The overall superior quality of our service makes Countrywide a leader in the industry. Our programs will help employees regain financial wellness and resolve problems. Those were interested in what we offer should contact us at their convenience and find out more.