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stockfresh_7255035_consumer-protection_sizeS-300x150We want to think that everyone is honest and ethical. It is sad, but that is not always the case. Some are quite willing to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

Warranties might not be honored and purchased products can have serious flaws. Landlords might be using outdated rental leases or even documents that are not valid (e.g., using a New Jersey rental lease for an apartment in New York). It is not always surprising that unscrupulous people get away with these frauds. Continue reading

stockfresh_5472698_hand-signing-last-will-and-testament-document_sizeS-300x200People get a bit nervous about the subject of a last will and testament. It centers on death and no one has control over when that will happen. However, everyone does have the opportunity to make choices when a simple will has been drafted. You get to decide who gets what from your estate.

Drafting a simple will drafting a simple is a pre-paid legal services benefit group legal plans will provide. An obvious benefit is the ability to name beneficiaries. But there is more a person can do with a simple will.

  • Disinherit People a person can expressly name those who are to receive nothing from the estate.
  • Make Donations and Gifts.

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stockfresh_3962479_identity-theft-revealed-in-computer-code-through-a-magnifying-gl_sizeS-273x300Identity theft is a fact of life in our society. Firewalls have been breached and security systems compromised in all industries, especially finance and retail. Periodically changing passwords and upgrading the security helps, but cyber theft continues. The pandemic has added a new wrinkle to the emergency.  


More employees are working from home. Corporate security systems are more advanced than the home variety, and while doing business, a remote worker may accidentally let in a virus that can harm the computer. The results are devastating.


An employee’s confidential and financial data might be compromised. Bank accounts could be wiped out through bogus electronic transfers. Credit card accounts might be maxed out or new ones created and plundered. Hard-working employees should be protected from these assaults. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has credit monitoring and identity theft benefits in addition to group legal plans. Continue reading

stockfresh_3266726_benefits-concept_sizeS_39f284-300x200Changes in the workplace were going on before the pandemic. A greater concern for employees and the need for emotional intelligence are becoming more essential as organizations adapt to a new normal. It is all for the better, but changes must have value to be accepted.

Additional benefits are standard ways to improve employee morale. The best ones will increase retention, encourage greater loyalty, and foster productivity. Management must decide what the employees want and need to get the desired full value from any employee benefit. Group legal plans do both.

Granting Employee Wishes.  Continue reading

stockfresh_3279849_costs-benefits_sizeS_e3a3fc-300x200Death might come in a flash or months. A cardiac arrest may leave a person in a vegetative state. That is a personal disaster, but a much more significant problem will affect loved ones.

No Communication

People must communicate their wishes to a hospital or healthcare facility. There may be treatments a person objects to, and these must be avoided. Conversely, a patient might want the procedure performed. Hospitals must keep unless healthcare providers are told to turn off life support systems, the machines keep running. That will cause a second disaster.

stockfresh_2064336_identity-theft-word-cloud-concept_sizeS-300x300We must accept a tech reality: hacking is not going away. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has many players, and some might be your neighbors.

Hacking and identity theft uses all kinds of tools. It can be as simple as someone looking over your shoulder at the debit machine and memorizing your PINs. It can be as sophisticated as scaling the security walls of a Fortune 500 company. This, by the way, has happened more than once. Everyone is vulnerable. Continue reading

lastwilltestament-300x200Family security should be there long after you are gone. Finances are a significant issue, and immediate access to an estate is essential. That economic priority is why group legal plans offer a chance to have a simple will drafted.

You Can Avoid the Estate Chaos

A simple will is no more than six pages long and having one is a mighty benefit for your loved ones. A will does more than distribute the money and furniture. A will can stipulate who will take care of your small children and the charities that will get a donation from your estate. This will make distribution faster and beneficiary debts like college tuition can be paid right away. Continue reading

fine-print-200x300Society has an orderly process that legal documents help manage. Leases, warranties, and licenses are all papers that guide daily living. Trouble can arise when documents are misunderstood. Many group legal plans provide services for reviewing legal documents. It is an essential pre-paid legal services benefit for many reasons.

Spotting Invalid Papers

Some landlords want to avoid having to pay legal fees. Instead of paying a lawyer to draft a lease, these property owners will use a copy of an existing lease. The problem is that it may be an out-of-state document that is invalid. The lease might also insist the signer waive certain rights that the state guarantees (E. G. Arbitration clauses that are inconsistent with the state’s tenant/landlord laws). An experienced lawyer will quickly discover such issues by doing a legal document review. Continue reading

stockfresh_2553181_consumer-protection-concept_sizeS-300x219Warranties help people with repair costs. These expenses can be significant if the damaged product is a washing machine or automobile. Many will purchase more when they buy a big-ticket item to help pay for repair costs.

Things might be going wrong with that major Christmas present. The buyer may be having some trouble understanding the warranty. Group legal plans will sometimes have a benefit option that includes warranty help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers that kind of assistance.

Read the Warranty! Continue reading

stockfresh_3433722_man-and-woman-signing-contract-paper_sizeS-e1578694746271-300x183People will sometimes think that legal services are all about jury trials. Although courtroom dramas are entertaining, most legal work is not performed in the courtroom. Instead, it is the processing of paperwork and the advice which is given by skilled professionals.


Paper abounds in the legal world. Titles deeds, wills, and notifications are significant. Group legal plans give services that might appear minor but have a considerable impact. It is indeed the small things that count in any group legal plan benefits. Continue reading