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Employees are concerned about Artificial Intelligence (AI). They understand automation will be a part of the future workplace, but they worry about how it will affect their jobs. Anything that uses AI might add to the employment anxiety and group legal plans must be careful not to overuse automation.

AI makes things efficient at the cost of human interactions. A group legal plan should remember that pre-paid legal services are personal. Each plan member has a unique situation requiring attention. That same person might not understand the language of a legal document or what a public agency needs. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows the importance of the human touch. We encourage interaction.

Conferences Are Necessary

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who provide the services. They are not distant voices but local people who practice law in a client organizations’ community. Countrywide group legal plan members have a priority status and arranging a meeting is easy. Continue reading


Legal documents are frustrating. There appears to be a need to report almost everything in a person’s life. Information is needed for many things in the document process to help people get what they need. However, it all seems to be a mountain of mysterious pages. Group legal plans must be able to help people with all the documents.

Those Documents Can Protect a Family

Drafting simple wills is a pre-paid legal services option the average group legal plan provides. The same is true for living wills. Family beneficiaries can easily get their portion of an estate if a simple will has been filed. A living will takes the burden of decision-making off the shoulders of a loved one and the same is true about medical powers of attorney. These legal documents allow a group legal plan member to prevent their death from becoming emotional theater.

Understanding the Words Help

Consumers will purchase warranties on appliances, automobile parts, and computer equipment. These contracts will make repair work less expensive. The language can be confusing, and an individual might need someone to interpret the sentences. Continue reading


Group legal plans proactively market their pre-paid legal services. Consumer protection advice and help with government agencies are services consumers want. The same is true for identity theft protection and credit monitoring. It is essential for any vendor to remember that the quality of service is as important as the benefit itself.

Good Service Is Personal

Vendors will use automation to cut costs. The price quoted to a prospective client is low, but you get what you pay for. Waiting 30 minutes or more for a call center associate is poor service. Q and A pages do not always resolve problems.

Legal issues are sources of high anxiety. Warranty problems are not easy to understand, and legal documents are confusing. A group legal plan member expects more for the premium dollars paid. That individual wants the plan to go one step further to find solutions to unexpected issues or legal emergencies. Continue reading


Everyone is relieved the tax season is over. The Internal Revenue Service got its fair share and we are done with the 1040 tax form for this year. However, this does not mean everybody is finished with tax paperwork.

Property taxes can be a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual event. It all depends on the jurisdiction or the property. People may dispute the property taxes assessed. There are procedures for appealing the tax amount. Not everyone understands the appeals process and how important certain information is for a successful appeal. Their case is consequently rejected because of this ignorance. There are also other matters that deal with public agencies. Parents may need special services for a disabled child or an elderly parent. Foreign born employees are not always familiar with the process and cannot get needed assistance. Group legal plans should offer help with public agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides such assistance to our plan members.

Assistance with Public Agencies

Government entities have regulations and guidelines which direct activity. Public employees must follow these procedures and Countrywide knows this. Our nationwide network of attorneys is familiar with the rules because the lawyers interact with public agencies. Continue reading


Group legal plans will aggressively market their pre-paid legal services. These companies will make a point of telling what they will do for a client’s workforce. We have no problem with anyone promoting what they can do. Nevertheless, we maintain the right formula for any group legal plan is S + E = Q (Service + Empathy = Quality). Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services adheres to that formula.

Helping All Plan Members

Countrywide wants to help plan members with common everyday legal challenges. The problems vary from person to person. One may need help writing a simple will while another wants advice on how to file a consumer protection complaint. The Countrywide group legal plan exists to assist.

We do not rely on webpages to provide service. All our pre-paid legal services are provided by seasoned attorneys. Lawyers are part of a nationwide network. We have legal professionals practicing in a client’s community. Countrywide encourages rapport between the plan member and the lawyer. The relationship is cultivated in several ways. Continue reading


People get annoyed with government. There are benefits and services they are qualified to receive, but nothing appears to happen. Applications are rejected and deadlines are missed. It appears an individual is not getting what he or she deserves. These difficulties are even greater for new immigrants and their families. Group legal plans offer a significant benefit if they assist in dealing with government agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does offer such help to group legal plan members.

It Depends on Information

Public employees are not trying to be difficult. Consumer-friendly service is a priority and the various agencies want to help. Information can be a stumbling block. Services require specific information before they are approved. Online applications can be confusing, and the wrong data supplied.

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys. These professionals have continually worked with all levels of government and know how information must be presented. They will help a group legal plan member submit a better-organized application with all the needed data. Continue reading


We live in an information world. Much of it is useful, but only if a person has access to it. Legal matters often appear vague and difficult to research. Individuals need information in the form of answers to questions. It is also important to receive suggestions and guidance on legal professionals. Not all group legal plans can deliver the goods.

Taking the Easy Way Out

Automation makes matters convenient but is not always consumer friendly. Alexa type response mediums can work for certain products but not pre-paid legal services; chat room member services are not much help, either. Consumer protection gets complicated and estate law varies from state to state. People want to be able to make telephone calls to attorneys without being charged. They want to talk face-to-face with a real person about medical powers of attorney. Consumers don’t want to scan legal documents into a portal for review. In short, a group legal plan must offer member sensitive services that provide information. That is what Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does.

Stressing Personal Contact

We have a nationwide network of lawyers in our group legal plan administration. These professionals practice in the communities where our clients are located and the attorneys are easy to contact. Countrywide encourages face-to-face meetings. These are easy to schedule because a Countrywide group legal plan member has priority status. Continue reading


The judicial system moves slowly, and probate court is perhaps the most cautious. Probate takes its time because the court concerns itself with the legitimate rights of survivorship. The most commonly used pre-paid legal services benefit of group legal plans is drafting simple wills. This is something all plan members should use.

The Real Benefit of Simple Wills

Probate moves faster when the deceased has left behind a simple will. An executor will supervise the administration of the estate. There is no need for a court-appointed administrator. Probate will be there to adjudicate the final disbursements, but its role in daily estate administration is diminished. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has simple will writing as a group legal plan benefit.

Let the Attorney Do the Work

There are templates a person may use to write a will. However, these do not always capture the nuances of a person’s wishes. Learning what an individual wants to be included in the will requires questions to be asked and answered. Countrywide has a net of experienced lawyers who provide Countrywide services. They know how to write wills and what questions a person should answer in drafting a solid will. Continue reading


American consumers have a right to good service and top quality. Whatever is purchased should be as it is advertised and offered to the buying public. That doesn’t always happen. Products or services are sometimes less than expected and warranties are not honored. Group legal plans ought to have a benefit that covers consumer protection and warranties. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers that option in its group legal plan benefit.

Consumer Protection Goes Beyond a Product

Faulty appliances and cheap quality computers are what most people think about when it comes to consumer protection, but there is more. Consumer protection covers services as well. Improper installation of solar panels or a driveway that isn’t properly paved are topics of a consumer protection complaint. Warranties that deal primarily with repair service and deliver poor or incomplete work are not acceptable.

Consumers can file complaints but there is a reluctance to do this. People don’t want to complete all the paperwork required. When they do, they might forget about collecting needed evidence and this results in an incomplete complaint. Continue reading


Organizations should pay close attention to living wills and powers of attorney. These are standard pre-paid legal services offered by group legal plans and both documents are important to any employer. Each can influence the claims experience of the group health plan.

The Basic Details

Living wills center on catastrophic and major medical care. An employee might be rendered unconscious. The victim’s wishes for medical care such as whether to use life support might not be not known. A living will spells out what is to be done in the event a person is unable to communicate. Medical powers of attorney assign decision-making responsibility. The person holding the authority will make decisions based on the victim’s express wishes and make final decisions about life support systems.

The Importance

Healthcare providers may not arbitrarily turn off life support or end treatment. A victim of a massive cardiac seizure might be on life support for months before dying. The claims experience continues to increase as the insurance policies are billed by the care providers and the employees group healthcare plan must absorb sizable costs. Continue reading