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Countrywide Lawyers have Superior Communication Skills 



Communication is a cornerstone of every Countrywide group legal plan. We understand how essential it is for effective pre-paid legal services. Many people are understandably confused about legal issues. They do not deal with them daily. When they face an issue such as a warranty problem or the need to draft a will, anxiety goes right up through the roof. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help

A Complete Service Package

The assistance we provide is more than just a web page. We want our group legal plan members to be able to talk to an attorney directly. Our nationwide network of lawyers allows for face-to-face conferences to be easily arranged. We also permit unlimited telephone calls to a lawyer on any given situation. It may appear to be a small consideration, but these phone calls help answer questions which may arise after the conference. Such attention allows channels to be open in communication to flow back and forth. Continue reading

Countrywide Will Make Them Go Away


Hospitals and credit card companies want their money. Neither have a reputation for lots of patients and what they consider to be overdue bills will cause problems for an individual. Bill collection agencies are often used to extract payments from delinquent debtors. The process gets frightening. These companies do not hesitate to threaten people with serious consequences. Loss of credit ratings, repossession, and the hint of court proceedings are all intended to get a person to pay what is owed. The treatment causes lots of anxiety because a person is worried about financial wellness being undermined. Help is needed and should come from seasoned veterans. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has the answer.

We are aware of the scare tactics the bill collection agencies employ. We have a nationwide network of certified counselors who are experts at restoring and preserving financial wellness. Anyone who is in danger of being harassed will find the advice given by one of our counselors to be a godsend. Simple things, such as not paying the hospital bill until the health insurance company has paid their portion, are not always known by a layperson. Our counselors can explain various ways of keeping the bill collection agency from the doorstep. Continue reading

Good Advice Makes All the Differencespider-pocket-189x300

We all face challenges with money no matter how old we are. Millennials have difficulty setting up budgets, but older employees fret about retirement. It ‘d be great to be able to take charge of finances and have a better cash flow going in and coming out. It sometimes takes seasoned advice to develop reliable financial wellness.

Finances can make a person feel he or she is juggling far too many balls in the air. People are accustomed to a mortgage payment on a car loan, but others have to deal with student loan payments, harsh credit card problems, and any other number of bills needing cash. It is easy to have the trees block and hide the forest. People don’t always know how to handle a budget properly. They’re not stupid; things are just too complicated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services sympathizes with this kind of confusion. We have a financial wellness program that is intended to help people take better control of their financial situation. Continue reading

You are in Charge of Your Estate


Not preparing a will appears to be second nature for many people. It is not the easiest chore to do, but it is an essential one. There are a lot of advantages to drafting a will when one thinks about it. In fact, the benefit of preparing a simple will is a reason why it is a commonly used option in any group legal plan.

You Decide

  • The Beneficiaries. We all are going to die, and an estate may be left behind. You have the opportunity with a will, even a simple one, to determine who gets what of your remaining assets. You can also direct how any money or property is going to be distributed. Because you have stated your wishes in a legal document, your decision is final.
  • The Executor. This individual is the person who will make sure your wishes are carried out. The executor has a considerable amount of power over the estate, and you can choose who will be the person responsible. That designation allows you to pick a person whom you know and whom you trust.

Continue reading

Government Regulations Will Change


Change is constant in life. You can expect to see different ways of doing things all the time, and the adjustment ordinarily is not a major event. The new administration in Washington is causing a change in rules and regulations governing various public agencies. It trickles down to the state and local levels, as elections change the bureaucratic landscape. Change can be necessary, but some revisions are going to cause sizable headaches. Help from a group legal plan is something a lot of people require.

A Flurry of New Rules

Public employees are sensitive to regulations. They will follow them regardless of any inconvenience it may cause. What frustrates people are all the changes in deadlines and information requirements. Rules on the books in December can be entirely different in April. The changes can require a person to go back to square one and start all over with the application process. It gets aggravating. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands the frustration the change can produce. We know that regulations will be revised from time to time, but we also know the anxiety new rules will cause. Our group legal plan provides legal assistance. A Countrywide attorney can help a plan member deal with public agencies on all levels. Continue reading

Less Stress Means Fewer Health Insurance Claims


Human resources directors worry about claims experience. The number of times employees make use of their healthcare adds to the overall cost. It can result in higher premiums charged the following year. Cardiovascular difficulties brought on by serious stress encourages claims filings. Organizations have wellness programs intended to safeguard the health of employees. A benefit which management needs to consider is financial wellness.

The reason is medically sensible: encouraging financial security is directly related to stress and anxiety. People worry a great deal about college loans, credit card debt, or how to finance the purchase of a house. The stress generated will increase blood pressure. A financial wellness plan cannot completely erase the chance of a stroke, but the support a person receives will allow this individual to have a better focus on economic challenges. That ends a lot of anxious feelings. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services offers a plan which will help people take better control of their money situation. Continue reading

They Can Be Easily Handled


Congress is still debating over healthcare, and we will not know for months what the final results will be. The debates do not stop medical bills from accumulating. These expenses can be significant. No matter what insurance a person may currently have, some deductibles must be met. There are also situations where certain types of coverage are not available in the insurance policy.

The Expense Can Stagger Anybody

The cost coming out of the person’s pocket can be in the thousands of dollars for a given surgical procedure. The same goes for any physical therapy. The mounting debt can threaten a person’s financial wellness. Assistance is needed to help make sense of the bills, and find ways to make payments without going bankrupt. Continue reading

Folks can Take Charge of Their Financesroad-to-recovery-300x300

The school of absurd tuition is now replacing the college of hard knocks. People are finding out just how difficult it is to maintain financial wellness in these times. Credit card debt is out of control for some people, but other folks have more fundamental concerns. These people want to know things like how to purchase a house, how to budget properly and reasonably, and for some advice on how to manage their college debt. Some vendors will provide websites that have little more than question and answer boxes. Most people don’t like that. They want to be able to talk to a real person. Additionally, they want the kind of advice they can use right away. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services will give them that good advice.

Our Counselors are Knowledgeable Experts

Even better, information will come from a real person and not a recording. We have a financial wellness program to help people better understand budgets and finances. Our nationwide network of certified counselors have made a career out of helping people understand the figures. The counseling we provide is the type that offers knowledge that anyone can use every day. Continue reading

Organizations Cannot Ignore It


Consumer protection is not a matter for individuals only. Companies and other business establishments need to be concerned because bad service or inferior quality merchandise reflects poorly on their respective industries. Companies who are looking for group legal plan benefits want to have the best possible service. Allowing for consumer protection also can enhance the prestige of the employer.

Unethical practices are a danger in the marketplace. A consumer is at personal risk due to malfunctioning merchandise, or services that not completed correctly (For example, water pipes in the house that supposedly were fixed but breakdown a few weeks later). The offender ordinarily doesn’t worry about repercussions because of the paperwork involved in processing consumer protection complaint. This unscrupulous individual knows that many will not bother to go through the hassle of dealing with consumer protection agencies. It changes when an attorney gets involved. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services gives this kind of help. Continue reading

It is More than Just a FAQ page


You read about it in every business periodical and here it on television and radio customer service is the most important quality any business can have today. Consumers are demanding, and they want the best possible attention. Smart vendors understand this, but it doesn’t mean customer service is world-class. Any group legal plan which pays little attention to its plan members will deliver poor quality.

Overreliance on Text

Vendors would like to provide as much pre-paid legal services to as many plan members as possible. Because of this, these companies will set up FAQ pages, or invite those with problems to type in a message in a small box on one of the site pages. It does not mean that the request or complaint disappears in the shuffle. It is, however, an inconvenience. Continue reading