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A Well-Drafted Will Moves Things Along


Financial planners strongly advise people about the advantages of having a will. They speak to the benefits of having an estate in good order prior to the last days, and how it will make the distribution so much easier. Not many people are going to argue with the logic but they will claim it is easier said than done. Even drawing up a simple will takes the time of an attorney, and that means legal fees which can cost a pretty penny. People who have protection under a group legal plan can consider themselves lucky. Thanks to this group legal services benefit drawing up a will is easier done than said. It also spares everyone the trials of probate court.

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Effective Legal Services can Speed things up


Everyone seems relieved that the elections are now over. All the speeches are finished, there are no more commercials on television, and even all of the road signs have been pulled up. It means everything gets back to normal but that isn’t always for the best. Politicians make a lot of promises about efficient government and how they will make things better. Until laws have been passed and regulations modified, the bureaucracy will still operate as it has in the past. That can be extremely frustrating for people. Perhaps the largest source of cynicism about government is having to deal with local public service. A good, comprehensive group legal plan can help make government work.

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Distant Emergencies can be Handled Quickly


It will be just a few more weeks until family automobiles start their engines. It is not the Daytona 500, but the holiday roadshow is going to start. From the day before Thanksgiving until the day after New Year’s, people are going to be traveling all over the country. It is a time of year when families who have been apart for months will be getting together. It is also a time when employees use their last days of vacation for that amazing ski trip. It all is going to be so much fun until the lightning strikes. It is entirely possible that an accident or misunderstanding will happen hundreds of miles from home. Holiday theft is not out of the question because Christmas can also be a season for taking. Emergencies requiring legal help may occur. Those who are members of a group legal plan will be the lucky ones.

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A group legal plan must be comprehensive

Budgets are tight at the end of the year and management is pinching pennies. Vendors take advantage of this to promote employee benefits with bargain-basement prices. The idea is that offering a bare-bones benefit to employees doesn’t matter if a benefit is being offered. That really doesn’t make much sense. A group legal plan made available to employees needs to provide real service.

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Instructions Provided to be Followed


Human resources professionals are very much aware of how problems at home will affect performance in the workplace. It is the primary reason why these dedicated people are constantly looking for ways to help productive employees solve problems that arise unexpectedly. The biggest shock to any family would be a medical emergency in which a member is placed on life support. The loved one is in a coma and there is no chance at all of recovery. It is at this time when a living will provided by a group legal plan can reduce the family agony.

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Putting a Problem to Rest


Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been developing group legal plan benefits since 1987. We’ve seen during that time any number of issues that a person needs legal assistance in resolving. Some of these are minor irritants and others are major issues. Dealing with public agencies falls somewhere in the middle of that list.

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Medical Power of Attorney can Ease a Tough Situation


Anyone who has been confronted with the dilemma of what do to about a comatose relative understands the situation. The doctor has just informed the family that there is nothing more to be done for their loved one. This person will stay in a state of unconsciousness indefinitely. There is no real chance of revival. The doctor also tells them that the person will remain on life-support systems until death finally happens. Without instructions from the patient, there is nothing the hospital can do. It is a state of intense agony as family members watch the body for any sign of life. If there are instructions or someone has medical power of attorney, the decision-making is much simpler. Human resources can ease the pain people experience by offering a group legal plan that provides for medical power of attorney.

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Our Legal Network can Help in Distant Locations


Summer is peak vacation time at the office. Employees have worked hard all year long and look forward to that one or two weeks of vacation. It can be at some resort area hundreds of miles away from the office. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Unfortunately, there are times when human resources received a telephone call it would rather not get. It is from an employee who’s got into a major legal hassle in another state. This poses a real problem for human resources because corporate legal counsel cannot be used. A group legal plan with a strong network of attorneys is something that would really be helpful.

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Legal benefits have to be a full package


Human resources directors have the responsibility of finding the best possible benefits for employees. It isn’t just to keep them working at the company, but also to see to it they experience great job satisfaction. Helping hard-working associates with legal problems relieves an awful lot of stress. Comprehensive group legal services are the kind of benefits that takes a burden off their backs and reduces the anxiety that a number of issues create. To get the best return on any voluntary benefit investment, human resources has to find the most comprehensive type of group legal plan benefits.

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They enhance high quality


Whether it is an individual employer or a private insurance exchange, benefit quality is very important. Employees and clients alike should be comfortable with the group legal services they have, and be aware that primary features of a plan are supported by good secondary services. Frankly, a group legal plan is not worth much if delivery of the assistance is substandard.

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