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Credit Monitoring Will Sound Alarms



We all have good reason to worry about hacking. It is the most common form of cyber theft and is an industry by itself. Hackers are very sophisticated in the work that they do and pose a very serious threat to financial wellness. It takes more than a standard group legal plan to confront these criminals.

Hackers Are Getting Better

Hackers have become increasingly more ingenious and bold. This year has already seen both Chipotle, and Verizon hacked by outside parties. These Internet thieves are not creating individual credit card accounts with the information. Instead, they are selling bundles of stolen data to others who will then use the information for their own purposes. It can be very frightening. Continue reading

Constant Vigilance is Needed to Stop Identity Theft



Identity theft is a sneaky business. We often think that if we have secure passwords and high protective walls around our information, we will be safe. It isn’t always true. A person may be in a busy downtown area using an ATM. That same person is an unsuspecting victim of the person standing right behind. This individual happens to be a thief who is looking over the shoulder of the person using the ATM, copying down their password. The same thing may happen at a point-of-sale location in a very busy store. Somebody is watching you, and they want your information.

They will get it and then use it. It will not be for opening a bogus credit card account. Cyber thieves know where the money is and it is in selling the passwords to someone else. That third-party is the one who is going to invade your credit account or your bank account. You will not know the damage until you receive your bill at the end of the month. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is aware of identity theft. We have worked with companies developing group legal plans for years, and we heard horror stories about identity theft. It is why we offer services to help prevent a financial disaster. Continue reading

Hacking invades Privacystockfresh_2064336-300x300

Personal emails are not as secure as you might think. The same goes for personal information, including bank accounts and credit cards. The hacking stories you read in the newspaper do not just affect politicians. They can affect even an ordinary citizen, and the danger is quite real. Besides having a group legal plan, employers ought to consider the possibility of having protection against identity theft offered to staff.

Identity Theft is a Serious Situation

Identity theft can strike from anywhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the Internet. Anyone can look over your shoulder while using your credit card, or making a withdrawal from a debit machine. Once the thief has information, that person utilizes the data for all kinds of mischief. Continue reading

Countrywide Provides Cyber Help

Everyone has good reason to be concerned about identification security. Hacking occurs on a routine basis, and financial information is compromised. Thieves are more sophisticated, and their use of the information is more than just setting up bogus accounts. Cyber thieves will sell blocks of information to other parties, and it allows for even greater abuse of information. More than a basic group legal plan is needed to protect people from this activity.

The Extent of the Damage

The personal information which can be hacked and stolen is extensive. It includes the following:

  • Income and employee ID numbers;
  • Social Security number;
  • Credit card numbers as well as debit card and bank account numbers;
  • Personal information is taken such as address and phone numbers.

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Identity Theft Word Cloud Concept with great terms such as privacy, bank, account, numbers, credit cards and more.

ID Hackers Are a Problem

Christmas shopping is now getting into full swing. You don’t want to head out to the shopping mall and fight the crowds, so you decide to use a retail website instead. You’ve always been told these are very secure and you have no problem sharing your credit card information on the site. You also aren’t concerned with warranty problems because you have a good legal plan. However, you still have something to worry about.

You Need Protection from Hackers

It is sad but true that hackers have become better at breaking through security walls. You only need to look at the newspaper to read about large retail companies having their security breached. Your financial information may be at risk, and you will not even know about it until weeks later. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is sensitive to the significant instances of cyber-crime in our society. We have ID theft and credit monitoring benefits. Continue reading

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

The Internet is remarkable, but even cyberspace has limitations. There are times when people want to talk and interact with a human being. It applies in particular if there are legal issues. Unfortunately, not all group legal plan services do that. Instead, they rely on a website with a question and answer page. Continue reading

Identity Theft Word Cloud Concept with great terms such as privacy, bank, account, numbers, credit cards and more.

An Email Can Allow Entry to Your Computer


Email scandals are making all of the newspapers these days. The stories also can be found on social media and television. We sometimes chuckle at all of this, but there is a warning involved. Emails, like websites, can be hacked. Your email account may need more protection than a standard group legal plan can provide. Continue reading

Legal Services Provide the Right Help

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You have a right to expect a certain level of quality in anything you purchase. That is pretty much the essence of consumer protection. Faulty and deficient items are not meant to be on the market. They can cause accidents and even serious injuries. A consumer faces one major problem in dealing with such merchandise. The process of filing a complaint is not easy. There are forms to be completed, evidence to be provided, and a procedure that must be followed carefully. Unethical retailers know this and don’t get too worried about consumer protection complaints. They realize that many people give up halfway through the process. However, assistance from a group legal plan can help move the complaint forward to a positive resolution.

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Hackers Steal Billions 


In 2015 the Internal Revenue Service admitted the records of over 100,000 taxpayers were stolen from the IRS website. This meant that the tax refunds of many people were also taken, because the hackers were able to get Social Security numbers. The Internal Revenue Service has promised to make things more secure but it underscores a very serious concern. Financial information can be at risk. A person may need pre-paid legal services or something comparable to protect themselves.Electronic digital fingerprint processing

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The Internet was great for a lot of holiday shoppers. They were able to get what they wanted and have the presents shipped to the right place.

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Unfortunately, there were situations where the wrong item was sent or the shipment was made to the wrong address. There even were cases where the item was deficient. Consumer protection on the Internet is a little more involved than normal. You are working with stores that may be hundreds of miles away. The benefits of a group legal plan can help solve any difficulties.


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