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Countrywide Will Draft One for You



Drafting wills is a common benefit of a group legal plan that some folks avoid. The last will is not on everyone’s daily bucket list, and there are those who want to forget about it. This is a recognition of mortality but drafting a will is a pre-paid legal services benefit that cannot be ignored. It helps prevent time from becoming a real thief.

Intestate is a legal term for an estate for which there is no will. Those estates which have a simple will attached to it move quickly through the courts. Intestate situations do not. Instead, they become a matter for the probate court which takes a very active role. Continue reading

Medical Powers of Attorney Are Critical



Paper, paper, paper. Everything seems to have a form or a document attached to it. Many people don’t bother with certain legal papers because they’re tired of the pile. An example is medical powers of attorney. Not everybody understands the importance but good group legal plans allow for help with this document.

It is important to Have Medical Powers of Attorney

The reason is clarity. Anyone who is the victim of a major car accident or medical disaster might be in a coma. The hospital does not know what this person wants as far as treatment. This can extend to life support systems which do not automatically turn off. The hospital staff is justifiably concerned about any lawsuits and will keep patient on life support indefinitely. That can cause expenses to skyrocket as time goes on. There’s also cost that is highly personal and very emotional. A patient who is near death can linger on life support systems. This causes agony of hope for love ones who pray for America which may never come. At the same time, these people are looking over their shoulders at the possibility of mounting debt. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is very familiar with the anxiety and suffering. We have the drafting of medical powers of attorney as a group legal plan benefit. Continue reading

Your Loved Ones Will Be Grateful



Financial advisors will suggest having a will, but many people try to ignore this obligation. No one wants to admit they’re going to die one day and they keep putting things off. That is a mistake. Young and old employees ought to think about creating a last will. A group legal plan can help draft the document.

Defending the Rights of Loved Ones

A will protects surviving loved ones. Death can be as unexpected as an auto accident, perhaps leaving children to mourn the death. They will cry a lot more when they find out what happens in probate court. The delays can be maddening. Moreover, without an executor, the court will appoint an administrator. It just keeps adding to the delays. Important bills will go unpaid, and any money for college may have to wait. Any estate is finally settled, but it may take years, and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants no one to face that. We allow for the creation of a simple will as part of our pre-paid legal services benefits. Plan members get the opportunity to provide for loved ones in the event of a calamity. Continue reading

It is a Valued Part of Financial Planninglastwilltestament-300x200

Smart financial planning considers an end game. It is what will happen if you die unexpectedly. It is not something many employees care to think about it but it should be on the table. What is going to happen to your family if you die and leave no will? Concern for loved ones is a primary reason why drafting a will a basic part of any group legal plan.

The document does not have to be the size of the telephone book. Most people can legally describe their wishes in six pages or less. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the writing of a simple will as one of our benefit options which can be in a legal plan document. Continue reading

The Legal Paperwork is Critical



Hospital surgery is not something to be terrified about. Advances in technology, anesthesia, and necessary medical procedures make a trip to the hospital much safer than many years ago. However, there is still the chance something could go wrong. Failure to prepare can make it even worse.

The hospital is committed to keeping a person alive unless instructed to do otherwise. It means that life support systems maintain individual. It may not be what the patient wants, but if there is no authorization the life support continues indefinitely.

A reaction to anesthesia or a certain procedure could result in an individual becoming comatose That’s a dangerous situation if there are no instructions on what to do. A group legal plan that allows for medical powers of attorney is essential. Continue reading

Countrywide Lawyers have Superior Communication Skills 



Communication is a cornerstone of every Countrywide group legal plan. We understand how essential it is for effective pre-paid legal services. Many people are understandably confused about legal issues. They do not deal with them daily. When they face an issue such as a warranty problem or the need to draft a will, anxiety goes right up through the roof. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help

A Complete Service Package

The assistance we provide is more than just a web page. We want our group legal plan members to be able to talk to an attorney directly. Our nationwide network of lawyers allows for face-to-face conferences to be easily arranged. We also permit unlimited telephone calls to a lawyer on any given situation. It may appear to be a small consideration, but these phone calls help answer questions which may arise after the conference. Such attention allows channels to be open in communication to flow back and forth. Continue reading

You are in Charge of Your Estate


Not preparing a will appears to be second nature for many people. It is not the easiest chore to do, but it is an essential one. There are a lot of advantages to drafting a will when one thinks about it. In fact, the benefit of preparing a simple will is a reason why it is a commonly used option in any group legal plan.

You Decide

  • The Beneficiaries. We all are going to die, and an estate may be left behind. You have the opportunity with a will, even a simple one, to determine who gets what of your remaining assets. You can also direct how any money or property is going to be distributed. Because you have stated your wishes in a legal document, your decision is final.
  • The Executor. This individual is the person who will make sure your wishes are carried out. The executor has a considerable amount of power over the estate, and you can choose who will be the person responsible. That designation allows you to pick a person whom you know and whom you trust.

Continue reading

The Right Person Must Have the Authority



Having a medical power of attorney document makes sense. If a medical calamity happens and you are comatose, then someone can make the decisions you want pertaining to your care. However, this document is not something that ought to be composed on a website template. Whoever has the medical power of attorney needs to have certain qualities. A group legal plan which allows conferences with an attorney can make the medical powers of attorney document more competent.

What Is Needed

Selecting who will have medical powers of attorney is crucial. It can be a good friend or relative, but it takes more than that. The individual is going to be making some very firm decisions that affect your medical condition. Certain traits are necessary including:

  • Complete Understanding. Individual selected must know precisely what you want to have done in the event of a calamity. This may include end of life care and the person must know what type of treatment you want.
  • The Ability to be Objective. Major medical emergencies can be extremely emotional for everybody. There is a lot of anxiety and worry. Nevertheless, the one who has medical powers of attorney must be clearheaded. He or she must make sure your wishes are followed, regardless of any opinion about a given procedure.
  • Courage in the face of the crisis. The expertise of physician or professional healthcare provider can be intimidating. A person may give in and follow their directives, even if what the medical professional wants is contrary to your wishes. Whoever has the medical powers of attorney cannot be intimidated by what a physician recommends. This person must be willing to ask very pointed questions and any procedures followed must be in line with what you have specified. It must be made clear to any physician.

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Countrywide Does an Efficient Joblastwilltestament-300x200

Sensible people though how critical it is to have a will. It is the main way to prevent hassles in probate court and see to it beneficiaries receive their portion of the state. Many people want to use online will writing services, but that is not a good idea. It is better to use a group legal plan. The online sites appear convenient, but they come with some significant drawbacks. One is the template itself. It might not te right one for the state in which you reside. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will offer the kind of assistance needed to write a solid will.

There is a More to Writing a Simple Will

A simple will of just a few pages may not seem like a major project. That is not the case at all. There is language that has to be in a simple will to protect beneficiaries and to make certain that an individual’s wishes are carried out. The regulations covering wills are not cast in stone. Laws regarding probate may change, but there’s no guarantee the templates are going to be current. There is the risk of the drafted will be declared invalid. The pre-paid legal services offered by a group legal plan can help write an effective will. Continue reading

Medical Powers of Attorney Brings Closure


Limbo is defined as an uncertain time. The decision is being waited on, and everything is in a condition of being unfinished. It is a theological term, but limbo is, in fact, a reality for many people who are in the critical care unit of a hospital. Limbo is a flat line definition of life. Patients who are on life support systems are in a holding pattern. They are neither fully dead or fully alive. A decision is being waited upon; the group legal plan can make things a lot easier for all parties if it includes medical powers of attorney.

The Importance of the Powers

Drafting of medical powers of attorney is a pre-paid legal services option that resolves limbo. It can end a situation where life-support is often the only meaning to the victim of an accident or medical catastrophe. A group legal plan member meets with an attorney to draft the document. In the pages of the medical powers, a person determines what will be done in a catastrophic situation where he or she can no longer communicate. This can include turning off life-support systems. The plan member also can name who will execute the instructions. It ordinarily falls to an individual who is highly trusted in these affairs. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services allows for drafting medical powers of attorney Continue reading