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Good Advice Makes All the Differencespider-pocket-189x300

We all face challenges with money no matter how old we are. Millennials have difficulty setting up budgets, but older employees fret about retirement. It ‘d be great to be able to take charge of finances and have a better cash flow going in and coming out. It sometimes takes seasoned advice to develop reliable financial wellness.

Finances can make a person feel he or she is juggling far too many balls in the air. People are accustomed to a mortgage payment on a car loan, but others have to deal with student loan payments, harsh credit card problems, and any other number of bills needing cash. It is easy to have the trees block and hide the forest. People don’t always know how to handle a budget properly. They’re not stupid; things are just too complicated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services sympathizes with this kind of confusion. We have a financial wellness program that is intended to help people take better control of their financial situation. Continue reading

Government Regulations Will Change


Change is constant in life. You can expect to see different ways of doing things all the time, and the adjustment ordinarily is not a major event. The new administration in Washington is causing a change in rules and regulations governing various public agencies. It trickles down to the state and local levels, as elections change the bureaucratic landscape. Change can be necessary, but some revisions are going to cause sizable headaches. Help from a group legal plan is something a lot of people require.

A Flurry of New Rules

Public employees are sensitive to regulations. They will follow them regardless of any inconvenience it may cause. What frustrates people are all the changes in deadlines and information requirements. Rules on the books in December can be entirely different in April. The changes can require a person to go back to square one and start all over with the application process. It gets aggravating. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands the frustration the change can produce. We know that regulations will be revised from time to time, but we also know the anxiety new rules will cause. Our group legal plan provides legal assistance. A Countrywide attorney can help a plan member deal with public agencies on all levels. Continue reading

Questions Need Answersadvice-hands-300x231

We live in a world that is many times impersonal. When we want services and information, we are directed to commonly asked questions pages and requested to fill out forms. This is all done for Internet efficiency. That may be reasonable for retail products, but it can be a disaster for group legal plan.

Judicial Subjects are Hard to Comprehend

Legal matters can frighten and confuse. A person may not understand contract language at all and may be very concerned about dealing with public agencies. There is a need for better communication than a computer screen image. Legal services must include a level of communication that goes beyond filling in the blanks. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services gives help that includes client communication. Continue reading

Needed Government Help Can Be Accessedimmigration-doors-300x288

Many foreigners are in this country legally despite whatever the blogs say. They are here on work visas or other forms of legal entry to the country. These people are living in a foreign land now dealing with a different culture and most importantly, a different set of rules. They will need help from time to time with public agencies and a group legal plan will help.

The support might not always be related to immigration issues. Special-needs children may need certain types of education, there may be a need for aid in housing, and other assistance may also be required for the family. An immigrant does not always know what to do. Many times, public agencies have very strict deadlines that must be bad. Excellent pre-paid legal services allow for help with government bodies Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers such assistance. Continue reading


Pre-paid legal services will usually cover some essential needs. Drafting a will or helping with government agencies is something that anyone can expect. However, there are times when special types of legal expertise are needed. It may be above and beyond what an ordinary attorney can do. A group legal plan must be able to respond to such a need. Continue reading

You can hope and vote for smaller government but do not count on that. The government is very much a part of our lives, and you will be dealing with public agencies at all levels. It sometimes gets very annoying and also very frustrating. There are so many ways government influences your life. A group legal plan with the right benefit options could be a lifesaver. Continue reading

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

The Internet is remarkable, but even cyberspace has limitations. There are times when people want to talk and interact with a human being. It applies in particular if there are legal issues. Unfortunately, not all group legal plan services do that. Instead, they rely on a website with a question and answer page. Continue reading

Some Leases are legally outdated

Close up of lease agreement empty document with pen

A lease is a written agreement ordinarily used in the rental of property. It is a contract specifying what is required of the one who leases (lessee), and the one who is the property owner (lessor). This can be used for apartment rentals, use of equipment, and storage space among other possibilities. It does happen now and then the lease contains stipulations that are not legally enforceable (For example, the lease may insist that any disputes be handled through arbitration, which is against a state’s law). This happens if the lessor is using an outdated lease agreement. Not many people are aware of this possibility and too often go along with what is required. An individual who is a group legal plan member can have an attorney check the document.

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EvGirl at spring field in fog time.erything is made clearer with the help of an attorney

The text of a legal document is commonly referred to as legalese and appears be a combination of Greek and Chinese. There are words and definitions that are very difficult for a person to understand. The language can be found in contracts, rental leases, and warranties among other pieces of paper. An immediate reaction for anyone who does not understand the language is to back away. There is a very sincere fear that the words allow the other party to take an undue advantage. One of the group legal services of a highly effective group legal plan is the ability to have interpretation of these important documents.

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Consumer Protection works best with Legal Support

Nobody wants shoddy merchandise. It is not a pleasant surprise to discover that a major appliance is defective, or that an expensive entertainment system breaks down after it is turned on. Some of the problems may be product defects that are potentially dangerous. Some unscrupulous merchants get away with this because they figure the individual doesn’t know enough to file a complaint. They change their attitude immediately when they discover they are dealing with a person who is a group legal plan member.

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